Australian Wildfires: How You Can Help

Published: January 8, 2020

Attention sewing, crocheting and knitting crafters! We’d like to show our support for the many animals injured or impacted by the Australian wildfires. Each of our offices will be a donation drop-off location. For anyone who can create animal pouches, nests, fabric crates and other comforts to support the rescue efforts, we ask that you drop off your creations by January 31, 2020. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday at 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Immediately afterwards, we will be shipping the items to wildlife organizations in Australia who are taking in many of the affected animals.

Do you need some inspiration to help out with your creations?

Here is a link to all patterns needed for sewers, crotchetier and knitters (ensure you are part of the Facebook Group, Canadian Animal Rescue Craft Guild): HERE

While we do NOT underplay the seriousness of the wildfires that have occurred in some regions of Australia, resulting in loss of life for both civilians and wildlife, it is worth mentioning that Australia is still safe to visit. The media is doing its part to inform everyone of the terrible situation in parts of Australia and we want to do our part to inform you that now more than ever, Australia needs your support. Support comes in a variety of ways from donations and supplies to tourism.

  • The whole of Australia is NOT on fire.
  • Iconic tourist destinations for Canadian visitors are all SAFE, except for a part (not the whole) of Kangaroo Island.
  • There are NO FIRES anywhere near Uluru, Tropical North Queensland, Whitsundays, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, and Perth, many of which are regions regularly enjoyed by Canadians, especially during our winter months
  • The regions/areas tragically affected by the bushfires are all destinations where locals spend their summers. International tourists with self-drive itineraries between Sydney and Melbourne have been somewhat impacted along the coast of NSW and Victoria.
  • Our message is not meant to underplay the seriousness of the recent events, nor is the intention to undermine the enormous work ahead for first responders, firefighters, animal rescuers, and other dedicated life-saving and support teams to rebuild these communities where families have lost so much.

Downunder Travel is financially assisting in whichever way we can. Private donations from our team members, our community, and our organization as a whole are being accepted to help Australia fight this devastating event. Like so many more individuals and organizations, we care about Australia.

Other ways you can help or donate directly:

For more information, the Australian Tourism Board has released, and are regularly updating the following travel alert page which also includes regions the wildfires have NOT been affected:




There is an Air Canada humanitarian cargo flight headed to Australia from 22 Jan – 24 Jan 2020 that will deliver donated items to Sydney (and they’ve arranged ground transportation in Sydney to wildlife collection hubs). If your creations are complete, or you’re just finishing up, we ask that you please have your crafted donations in ALL our offices, completely labelled, by the NEW DEADLINE: 20 Jan 2020. We apologize for the short notice, however, these are dates outlined by the airline and are beyond our control.

Note: If you cannot make the new deadline, we are happy to continue accepting creations by the original deadline of 31 Jan 2020 and of course, we will then send them through other means (i.e.: by postal service or via travelers headed there already, etc).