Top Five 2018 Travel Trends… in the South Pacific!

Published: April 3, 2018

Whether it is visiting some of the more off-beaten track destinations, the most remote, the most luxurious… one thing’s for sure is that every traveller is looking for something different in their vacations as well as something they can take away from their travels.

Here are my top five trends to be in the know about!

  1. Health and purposeful travel – there is more of an interest in yoga retreats, and partaking in activities that allow you to accomplish some of your life goals.  More than just ‘ticking a box’, travellers are looking to achieve something meaningful like the Round Rarotonga Race for instance, it’s a charity race in the Cook Islands that raises funds for youth sports activities in the local community.  In Fiji, a visitor can stay at a local village and give back, helping at local schools or where needed.
  2. Small ship cruising versus bigger vessels – While big ships are great as travellers get to meet many people and have a ton of options before them for dining to onboard excursions and so on, there is more of a return to simplicity, especially within the South Pacific. No one wants to be among the crowds, especially on the beaches of Tahiti or the Cook Islands!  Part of the allure of the South Pacific is its simplicity, a return to basics and those breathtaking pristine beaches.
  3. The more remote, the better the holiday! – As previously noted, less is more, so this need to find remote, untouched beaches, places no one talks about, is seen as a type of ‘luxury’ to be achieved.  It goes without saying that no one wants a crowded beach, but also no one wants to be visiting regions where everyone else goes or places everyone talks about or has on their Bucket Lists.  The idea of ‘discovering’ a beach all to oneself is more pertinent to vacationers now more than ever.  Islands like Atiu, Huahine or Manono Island are the regions that many travellers are craving more of, without necessarily having to stay or lodge on these islands (ie: taking a helicopter to a remote island for a private picnic).  All of these are connected to regions people know, but no one’s talked about.
  4. A return to where it all began – We all love to learn a piece of history, learn some words in a native language (ie: Maori or Tahitian) and discover cultural traditions still prevalent today.  There is this feeling of wanting not only to visit historical or sacred sites, but also to be part of a homestay or to stay at a village and learn directly from the locals in an authentic non-touristy way.
  5. Less adventure, more experiential – This is one many can agree on; cooking classes, thematic itineraries (ie: wine tasting trails or dirt bike tours), diving, camping vacations and essentially itineraries catered to specific interests.  While there is still a need for adventure, and we totally encourage this especially if you’re travelling all that way, but more and more clients are requesting itineraries that cater to their personal interests, and experience how those in other countries do these same activities.

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My love of travel brought me to discover many cultures and beautiful landscapes within the South Pacific and I am proud to say that I have worked over 30 years in the travel industry!

Written by: Lori (Destination Specialist)

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