Let’s face it we spend a lot of time complaining about customer service in our daily lives but can’t seem to take a moment to acknowledge those exceptional people who go above and beyond. Jason is truly one of those. Repatriation to Australia, neck deep in multiple international Covid restrictions that change and contradict on a daily basis. Most would sell you a ticket and wish you luck. Jason was more than the exception to this. Involved daily pre, inflight AND post arrival. Trouble shooting visas, international and individual state covid requirements, Howard Springs Quarantine facility and last minute flight cancellations that could have easily cost thousands and 2 extra weeks in state quarantine. I thought it important to let the owner of Downunder know how fortunate they were to have such an employee and should be recognized as such. Too my surprise I “was” dealing with the owner Jason Webb. A lesson for all of us as to the power of an committed and involved leader. Hats off to him and Downunder.