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The kingdom of Tonga’s royal monarchy goes back to over 1,000 years ago and the country has the South Pacific’s only remaining Kingdom. With a culture dating back to over 3,000 years ago, with many of the ancient traditions and practices still recognized to this day, the people are known for their dedication to keeping the country’s core cultural values alive. 

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Three millennia ago, it was the Lapita people from Southeast Asia who migrated west via the Malay peninsula and the East Indies to settle in the scattered islands of the South Pacific. Centred around the monarchy, Tongans are known to visitors as a friendly folk who are proud of their culture and aren’t afraid to show off their passion for their community through Tongan song, dance, art, the ‘Ha’amonga ʻa Maui’ and cuisine—much of these traditional activities have been passed down through many generations.

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Tonga is a beautiful country, just 805 km southeast from Fiji, and accessible via Fiji Airways and offers pristine beaches, unspoiled rainforests and national parks as well as active volcanoes, lava tubes and caves. Making up four major island groups – Tongatapu, ‘Eua, Ha’apai and the Vava’u group – each of the country’s islands offer their own characteristics and style.

Complementing the country’s stunning regions is its unique weather—at a daytime average of around 24 degrees C, making it a comfortable getaway for many visitors year-round. Businesses are typically open daily except on Sundays, as it is a sacred day of worship and this closure would include local cafes and restaurants, except those which are part of a hotel or resort.

Experience Tonga’s culture and traditions through a variety of authentic experiences like song and dance, listening to the beautiful hymns at the weekly church service, viewing a Tongan song-and-dance spectacle and viewing a tapa making and mat weaving demonstration, which is a significant aspect of Tongan life as these mats are presented through various life events such as weddings and births or can be worn as a respectable form of dress. Other activities for travellers can include partaking in the ancient Polynesian kava ceremony as well as supporting local artisans through learning to create, or by simply purchasing, Tongan handicrafts, coconut oils and jewellery.

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Travellers visit the stunning islands that make up the Kingdom of Tonga for a true off-the-grid escape in the South Pacific.  Island getaways abound from the honeymoon-favourite Fafa Island to the undeveloped volcanic Hunga Island and also the uninhabited, tiny Kao Island.  Back on the main island of Tongatapu, guests enjoy visiting the royal palace of Tonga as well as the royal tombs, the Talamahu marketplace, the museums and churches and many other landmarks and cultural points of interest.

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