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It was the best family vacation we have ever had…

“Hi Stephanie, Thank you for organizing an amazing trip everything was amazing. It was the best family vacation we have ever had. From the amazing beach’s on Kangaroo island to my son swimming with sea turtles and of course the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.”

Jane, the trip was fantastic…

“Jane, The trip was fantastic.
You couldn’t have arranged a better vacation, and you made the travel very easy for us.
Thank you again, for your attention to detail. I am so glad we did Rangiroa last, it was a perfect ending and probably our favourite
place we visited, though the snorkelling expeditions were definitely a highlight especially Bora Bora half day. Bucket list fulfilled.
Will recommend you in the future.
You’re The best!”

Pamela and Ray

as a seasoned traveler…I strongly recommend using the services of Downunder Travel

During the second half of September 2023, my wife and I toured Eastern Australia. The entire design of the itinerary as well as the complete booking of flights, lodging, airport transfers and local activities was done by Downunder Travel, specifically Stephanie Delaney, a highly professional travel specialist. Her outstanding work provided us with an intense, complete and absolutely exhilarating immersion in the marvelous country that is Australia. From the spectacular cliffs and rock formations along the Great Ocean Road in the South to the tropical forest experience and the unforgettable snorkeling over the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland and the touring of Sydney and its unique city and harbor landscape by day and by night, these two weeks will stay in our memory for as long as we shall live. The choice of suppliers for the different local activities was outstanding, without exception they were excellent and fulfilled their respective vouchers at perfection, which deepened further our entire experience and knowledge about the entire eastern part of the Australian continent. As one can imagine, such an intense trip had its moments of difficulty, during which Stephanie and here team provided their support in a 24/7 manner, allowing us to stay comfortable and enjoy in full this extraordinary experience. To anyone who enjoys discovering a country in an intense and spectacular manner and as a seasoned traveler since more than 50 years in four continents, I strongly recommend using the services of Downunder Travel when touring an area of the world they are specialized in. I end this review on a personal note, addressing my great thanks to Stephanie for her service and patience with us, the memories we acquired will lighten our lives for the remaining of them.

Radu M.

Our Next Trip will start with a call to Jason Webb

We were invited to a wedding in Australia in early March and approached Jason in October about a plan to include New Zealand in this trip. He came up with a very appealing month long excursion for us. We then realized that we had an opportunity to travel with another couple who were also going to the wedding. The four of us decided to expand our New Zealand portion of the trip and also to revise the locations we wanted to visit so we advised Jason that we needed to throw out the whole itinerary. He cheerfully agreed and came up with another very appealing game plan that addressed our new timeline and expectations. In discussions with yet another couple who were also going to the wedding, we decided to enlarge our group to six so, back to Jason. We didn’t change the dates involved in our itinerary this time but adding two more people didn’t seem to be a problem for Jason.

A couple of days before we left home, a major cyclone hit the north island of New Zealand which was devastating for the locals and it also necessitated some major changes to our itinerary. He was able to find us all very acceptable accommodation in places that we were not originally going and in spite of the fact that many displaced locals were also in need of lodging AND there was a major multi day Maori haka event going on.

Jason’s ability to adapt to the changes imposed on him first by us and then by Mother Nature without ever showing any signs of getting fazed or frustrated was incredible. His attention to detail in meeting the needs of our rental vehicles and the quality of accommodations he got for us under challenging circumstances and the various attractions he lined us up with was very much appreciated. Our next trip will start with a call to Jason Webb

Gary Malyk

The itinerary that you arranged for us was fantastic

Hi Jane:

We wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our Australia and New Zealand vacation.  The itinerary that you arranged for us was fantastic.  We thought all the destinations, accommodations and activities that you booked for us were exceptionally well chosen to fit our specific lifestyle and interests.

Thanks again for all the great choices you made on our behalf in planning our fabulous trip!

D. Aston

Oh my goodness – absolutely lovely!

Dear Jane,

Thank you so very much for your expertise in bringing together a long, convoluted trip over 3 countries!

Below are some notes –
Highlight: Great Barrier Reef snorkeling!!!!! – absolutely spectacular tour boat company, complete with onboard marine biologists! Cloudless day!
Great Ocean Road – super tour, super driver
Hawke’s Bay area: Mangapapa – Oh my goodness – absolutely lovely
Little Polynesian – idyllic! Incredibly well trained staff, lovely rooms, etc., etc. 😊 😊 😊



I will be very happy to recommend to other travellers they contact you too

I wanted to tell you of my appreciation and thanks for all your great support, knowledge and clear information you have given me since our first phone call in late November. Prior to this trip I nearly always did my travel arrangements on line and by myself. But I am so glad I took a friend’s advice who had received some great help from one of your colleagues in Downunder Travel, to use your excellent company. I am quite sure I will be contacting you in the coming months on my return journey to Québec from Australia. I will be very happy to recommend other travellers they contact you too.

Eric K.

A lesson for all of us as to the power of a committed and involved leader. Hats off to [Jason] and Downunder.

Let’s face it we spend a lot of time complaining about customer service in our daily lives but can’t seem to take a moment to acknowledge those exceptional people who go above and beyond. Jason is truly one of those. Repatriation to Australia, neck deep in multiple international Covid restrictions that change and contradict on a daily basis. Most would sell you a ticket and wish you luck. Jason was more than the exception to this. Involved daily pre, inflight AND post arrival. Trouble shooting visas, international and individual state covid requirements, Howard Springs Quarantine facility and last minute flight cancellations that could have easily cost thousands and 2 extra weeks in state quarantine. I thought it important to let the owner of Downunder know how fortunate they were to have such an employee and should be recognized as such. Too my surprise I “was” dealing with the owner Jason Webb. A lesson for all of us as to the power of an committed and involved leader. Hats off to him and Downunder.

D Thompson

Without you I don’t know what I would have done… I can’t thank you enough for getting me home.

Hey mate,

As far as the journey went, everything went smoothly without any problems.

First flight from Calgary to San Fran went smoothly. When arriving in Darwin there wasn’t anyone I could see with more than one bag. My bag was checked in the whole way from Calgary to Darwin. They only gave me my boarding pass from Calgary to San Fran but not for the last 2 flights. Getting through security into Calgary airport was super slow, probably about an hour and a half, glad I was there with plenty of time to spare. I was able to use the communal business class lounge whilst waiting for the flight, it was nice.

Once I landed in San Fran I was informed to get my boarding passes for the remaining flights that I would have to see the Singapore staff at the check in counter. So had to leave the secure area and go out and wait until the counter opened 3 hours before departure. I can see why I had to see them. The check in procedure was intense, I had everything printed out (PCR test, Vaccination record etc) but it was in black and white. They wouldn’t accept my Australian arrival approval as they needed to see what colour it was, had to get it up on my phone. I highly recommend everyone has things printed out in hard copy for the journey, it makes it so much easier than rummaging through your phonr trying to find stuff. Once done I headed back into the airport and was able to use the United business class lounge.

The flight from San Fran to Singapore was amazing. Their service was impeccable and the lie flat bed was amazing. I couldn’t fault them in any way.  Changi airport was a ghost town, soo many shops were shuttered up. The hotel stay was great, a very well oiled machine. 3 meals provided with several options to choose from, you just call and shortly after they deliver them to your door. It was nice to get some sleep and to break up the journey.

The flight from Singapore to Darwin was awesome too. I weirdly wished it was longer. Once again service was exceptional.

Landing in Darwin we waited on the tarmac for about 30 minutes before they let us off in groups of 30. Once off getting through customs was really quick probably 15 minutes in total. I feel the people in the back rows of the plane were probably sitting on the plane for quite some time but I was in the first group let off. Everyone I interacted with were extremely nice and welcoming.

Entry into Howard Springs was the same, everyone was extremely nice. They had a great system of checking people in and getting you to your room quickly. The heat was the biggest shock to the system, hadn’t felt that in quite some time. Had a deck we could go out onto to get fresh air and sunshine. Food was pretty good and could get deliveries from Coles, K mart and pharmacies. Was extremely happy to get out and now back in Adelaide.

Thank you soo much for all your hard work. With the flight cancellations and all the things changing you were always there to sort out any issues and answer any questions. Without you I don’t know what I would have done, I would have been a nervous wreck. I can’t thank you enough for getting me home and everyone else you have helped.

Cheers mate you are a legend!

Ben M.

Jason and his team at Downunder Travel (Calgary) are my new favourite people.

Hi Jason,


I just wanted to write to thank you for everything and to let you know I made it back to Flin Flon safely! The snacks you so thoughtfully left me in the car definitely helped with the long drive across Saskatchewan. And I so appreciated knowing my car was safe while I was travelling.


Jason and his team at Downunder Travel (Calgary) are my new favourite people. They got me from Canada to Australia and back in the middle of covid lockdowns in time for me to be present at an important family event. Jason went above and beyond, dealing with multiple cancelled flights, me crying down the phone to him, changing regulations, and a tight time frame. Without his help, I would not have made it. He was quick in responding to any email or phone call, even on weekends or outside business hours, and helped with all of the covid restrictions and regulations as well as the flights. I would recommend this travel agency to anyone and everyone. Thank you Jason!

Amanda L.

Jason is the BEST travel agent who is worth his weight in gold!

If you are trying to travel home to Australia during COVID then you must book with Jason Webb from Downunder Travel. He has saved us on numerous occasions and he is worth is weight in gold. Honestly, we feel like we should have paid him more for everything he did for us!

Our flight was scheduled for Sept. 2nd and we got the dreaded call that we were going to be bumped till Oct 27th. Having no jobs and desperate to get back he moved mountains and was able to get us on a Sept 3rd flight last minute! But his awesomeness doesn’t stop there – Sept 3rd we are in the airport and needed to fly to SFO to get our flight to Sydney but the aircraft we were waiting on to arrive got rerouted due to an emergency and there was suddenly NO WAY we were going to make our connection in SFO. I had him on speaker with a United agent and together they were able to move our flights so we could get on the LA to Sydney flight instead. (Pro tip get to the airport really early and call him the second something goes wrong like a delay).

He always picked up when I called and always walked us through our options in a calm way when we were panicking. He texted us throughout the entire day of our trip to check in even when it was the middle of the night for him. I think I texted him more than my mom that day.

Now we are happily sitting in a hotel in Sydney and can’t wait to get out of quarantine. My parents plan to use him when they can one day come visit us post-covid!

L. Quinn

…the panicky moments I had worrying about how to get home were eased

Just wanted to let you know we got our claim settlement! Thanks so much for all of your help throughout the year, the panicky moments I had worrying about how to get home were eased by your assistance! We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us, and how smooth the process was getting home with all the flights lining up even with the 72 hour COVID rules.
Thanks again for everything.

Jason went above and beyond and got us home the original day day we were suppose to leave

For anyone who is trying to get home during the pandemic, I highly recommend Jason from Downunder travel. My partner and I were put in a really bad situation when my flight home was cancelled with only a weeks notice. Jason went above and beyond and got us home the original day day we were suppose to leave for a very affordable price. Can’t begin to thank him enough!

Ruby F.

Our safe return home in early April 2020 was secured by her unrelenting effort

Stephanie at Downunder Travel is a knowledgeable destination specialist who gave good advice while arranging our trip to Australia. COVID-19 became a pandemic and interrupted our trip in March 2020. Stephanie kept us up to date and advised us about the constantly changing rules and conditions. She dealt tirelessly with cancellations and re-bookings as the situation evolved. She demonstrated genuine concern and empathy for our well-being. Our safe return home in early April 2020 was secured by her unrelenting effort and helpful advice that she provided during her often extended working hours.”

Thank you so much for your help and advice before, during, and after our trip.

We continue to accept COVID safety rules and restrictions without complaint because we are so grateful to be home safe in Canada.

We hope that you are also ok during these difficult times.



All because of your absolutely amazing travel agent, Jason Webb

We are home in Australia and it’s all because of your absolutely amazing travel agent Jason Webb from Downunder Travel. I don’t know how he does it but it’s a miracle we are here and I wanted to share it was a really positive experience because of him. He is the most approachable, dedicated and calm person to deal with who deserves a huge Christmas bonus this year! We just loved working with him and he is truely an asset to your company!

We had an original cancellation from Air Canada and decided we needed a professional involved. I fought to get our $5300 back from AC with PayPal and then we purchased new flights through Jason. He helped our family of 3 to secure new flights around mid Dec then put us on the wait list for an earlier departure so we could get back. He sorted absolutely everything!

A miracle happened and Jason informed us that there was chance to go earlier with a different airline. Jason helped every bit of the way and even organise our refunds for previous flights we booked with him while we flying. He arrange 4 connecting planes through Toronto – Vancouver – LAX – AUK – Sydney, the seats, the meals on the plane and all the information to get home back to Australia safely and sane. Such a miracle to get to go home for Christmas and all because of Jason (Aka Santa).

Please forward this email on to share with everyone at Downunder Travel because this guy is an absolute hero!

Eliza M.

Africa Vacation

We had an unreal, life changing trip to Africa in January. We wanted to thank Nikki for planning our whole trip! She literally made this trip 1000x better! She listened to our ideas, worked without our budget and planned extras that had us so surprised and excited upon arrival.

The experience of our adventure was so much better because of Nikki and we couldn’t be more thankful. Not only that, but we also got engaged in Africa on this trip and we will never forget our experience! Nikki will be planning our honeymoon too and any trips after that! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Thanks Nikki!

Betty K

Excellent Australia Trip Organized by Stephanie

It was our first time visiting Australia. I told Stephanie that we had no idea where to go and what to do.
Stephanie happily put together a beautiful plan, very suitable for us – from good pricing in airplane tickets to excellent accommodation and tours.

Everyone in my group was so satisfied – we would like to thanks Stephanie for making our trip so enjoyable.
Due to Coronavirus, airlines were suffering, we were affected here & there, but it had nothing to do with Stephanie or Downunder at all. Stephanie did great effort to communicate with us about the changing of our flight time – Thanks so much Stephanie!

I would continue to let Stephanie to plan for my next travelling destinations in the future. Job well done – Thanks!

T. Nguyen

The itinerary was absolutely perfect. I can hardly believe I visited so many beautiful places as I did!

Hello Downunder Travel,

I am one of your clients  who had a trip organized over several months in 2019 working with Andree.  I left for New Zealand from Calgary on February 7 and returned from Perth, Australia back to Calgary on March 22, 2020.

Upon my return from the trip Andree reached out to me with a courtesy call to inquire how everything went and to see if I had any issues along the way.  We spoke on the phone for over an hour and I went into great detail about how happy I was with the way she organized the trip the way I requested it. I asked her to book me a lot of train rides since I really enjoy train travel and also to do a lot of day tours as well.  Andree also added in a lot of boat and ferry rides on perfectly still calm waters and I really enjoyed all of them. All of the train rides were incredible with the highlight being the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth.

The itinerary Andree laid out for me was absolutely perfect.  Actually I can hardly believe that I visited so many beautiful places as I did. It was a very full schedule crisscrossing back-and-forth all through New Zealand and up and down the East Coast of Australia before travelling clear across the country to Perth. I would not have missed any of it. They were too many highlights to mention them all but I have to say I really loved snorkeling the great barrier reef and touring the worlds oldest rain forest up in the Cairns area. I was very happy to see live dolphins and penguin, koala and kangaroo sightings. And to travel through the rain forests and old growth Kaori forests in New Zealand as well. Being of pre-Canada indigenous background myself I also really enjoyed going on the cultural tours to learn about the indigenous peoples of both New Zealand and Australia.

I worked with Andree for several months planning my trip and she was always very accommodating to my requests be it booking tours or changing a hotel, etc.  I am very impressed with Andree’s knowledge of her home country and of New Zealand as well. Andree has a very respectful and pleasant demeanor and was a real joy to work  with.  Two tours I had in my itinerary were cancelled and Andree made sure that I was able to be re-compensated for those cancellations.  I really appreciated that.

In closing I just want to say that my experience with Downunder Travel is very positive and that I would recommend my friends to book their travel through your company.

Thank you for organizing for me a trip of a lifetime that has created literally thousands of wonderful and amazing memories that I will be able to look back on for the rest of my days.

Appreciatively yours.

Kevin S. 

You were a rock during the evolving process

Many thanks Stephanie.

You were a rock during the evolving process.  Having only very sporadic access to wifi over the last week was awkward, but I always knew you and [our group leader] were taking care of all of us.

Be well!

Lynn M.

Bottom line, I feel you did a great job all around

Hi Jason,

I would like to thank you for the great work you did preparing my trip to New Zealand.  All the activities you booked were great, without exception, and the itinerary was excellent as well. I would have missed Rotorua if you hadn’t added it to my original selections.  That’s where familiarity with the destination really pays off.

Bottom line, I feel you did a great job all around, and can’t imagine having had such an amazing trip otherwise.  If I do go ahead with a trip to Australia in a few years,  I’ll know where to start!

Mark M.

One of the best tours we have ever taken

Our tour of Kangaroo Island tour was a highlight. Our guide is a naturalist and was able to find kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, wallabies, and several bird species for us. She had us locating wildlife after a while, so it became a game. We saw three different areas where burns had occurred between December and late January. It is amazing to see how much regrowth has taken place. The guide was emotional as she helped with the rescue of animals. The islanders and army joined to support each other on the road to recovery. It was one of the best tours we have ever taken and we would highly recommend it to people who are interested in nature.

Deborah & Randy

Always pleasantly surprised at the quality of the accommodation

Andree did an awesome job with all our arrangements. The location of every hotel was superb and we were always pleasantly surprised when we checked in at the quality of the accommodation. Hamilton Island was the highlight for me, it may be the most beautiful place I have ever visited! I have recommended you to all of my friends!


I got a little choked up when saying goodbye to our guide…


So far the whole trip has been great but the Kangaroo Island 2day tour was absolutely fantastic!  I actually got a little choked up when saying goodbye to our guide Rosemarie. She was a wonderful host and guide and by the end we felt we had made a new friend. We did not feel our trip was diminished due to the fires – as a matter of fact it was enhanced. We asked to see some of the affected areas and were very moved by the obvious strength of the islanders and the regrowth that is already underway. Please use our testimony to encourage others to visit the island and help the locals rebuild the tourism industry hit hard by the fires.


Liz & Dean

Very informative, responded without delay to our questions and enthusiastically offered strategic suggestions for things we had not anticipated

This was the first, of many anticipated future adventures, we employed Downunder Travel, and were fortunate that Sawyer Anderson was our expert agent. Sawyer listened to us, and was very informative, responded without delay to our questions and enthusiastically offered strategic suggestions for things we had not anticipated.  We want to thank her for all of the time and insights she shared with us in planning our Australian, New Zealand and Bora Bora vacation. In every instance, all arrangements were made perfectly and promptly, so that the travel, associated tours and lodgings coordinated exactly as planned. Sawyer also promptly took long distance care of some minor unexpected issues, which do occur on such an extended adventure.

We have high confidence and trust in Sawyer’s capabilities and her network of contacts, and look forward to working with her in the future.

Ron & Brenda

thank you for a trip of a lifetime in Australia and Fiji


We would like to thank you for a trip of a lifetime in Australia and Fiji. Words cannot fully describe it but we will try…from the get go everything went very smoothly without a hitch from our all connections, transfers, planes, trains, cars and boats …all “on time” and as you had listed on our manifest which became our “bible’. Even when we had problems on the flight home you were there to help us smooth the way back home.

As for the holiday itself you booked us some fantastic excursions. For us the highlight was probably Matamanoa Island on Fiji and the Blue Lagoon Cruise where we were able to relax and just enjoy the greatness of the island life and all it has to offer. Other highlights included the camping and hiking at Ayers Rock , the Indian Pacific rail ride and the Blue Mountains and of course the perfect accommodations everywhere, particularly in Sydney on the “Rocks” overlooking the Opera House and the Sydney bridge.

We could go on about our fun-packed vacation but would just like to say you did your company and us proud and we both appreciate it.

Sam & Louise

such an amazing job of organizing everything

Hi Jane,

What a wonderful trip!  You did such an amazing job of organizing everything and it all went off without a hitch.  Don’t know how you managed it!! The accommodations were fantastic and all the tours were terrific.

So, thank you so very much for organizing such an amazing adventure; it was a pleasure working with you!!

Janice & Doug

Every part of the trip went as smoothly as possible

Just got home from our trip of a lifetime, and it was fabulous. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Manuia in Rarotonga was great. Nice and quiet, great location, and we were put in a beachfront room, I think because they were working on a couple of other rooms. Overall it was beautiful.

Our hotel in Sydney was another great choice…perfect downtown location. Beautiful historic old building, which of course comes with a few pros and cons, but we really loved it.

We had a great time in New Zealand, visiting, and travelling the countryside with our daughter and her husband.

And of course Matamanoa, Fiji was awesome. The Bures beside us were empty, and we pretty much had the beautiful beach right outside our door, to ourselves. Just getting to the island itself was a great experience…stepping off the ferry, onto the small boat, and then stepping right off that into the water on the beach! A great arrival.

Every part of the trip went as smoothly as possible. It was great to get off a plane and have a driver waiting, holding up your name.  We also thoroughly enjoyed the Air Canada Lounge passes you gave us!

Once again, Thank You!

John & Colleen

all the necessary details to make our trip enjoyable and worry free

We had decided to take a trip to Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands. We wanted some help in the planning so we went to Downunder Travel to help us put this together. We felt it would be best to have someone from the region and who has been where we wanted to go. We were not disappointed. They laid out a great travel plan and all the necessary details to make our trip enjoyable and worry free. We had a wonderful experience. If you are heading to that area I would recommend getting in touch with them.

Thanks guys.

Brian & Ann

thank-you for a most memorable trip

Hello Ryan,

I wanted to let you know that we made it back safely from our grand trip.  We would like to THANK YOU for planning such a well-organized trip; everything was perfectly planned.  The hotels were great not to forget the great overwater bungalows in both Moorea and Bora Bora, with the accommodations at Bora Bora being a little bit more luxurious. We enjoyed all the tours and had an opportunity to experience many amazing sights such as Kangaroo Island, the Great Ocean Road,  Milford Sound, the Glacier in Franz Josef, Abel Tasman and the geyser in Rotorua to mention a few.   We were able to make every tour as planned with the exception of the Wanaka Lake Cruise and Nature walk which was cancelled due to bad weather.

The transfers were perfect and made pickups from the airports and hotels seamless and less stressful.

Again, thank-you for a most memorable trip!

C & L

Your planning was spot on

We’re back after a magnificent journey. We have a few thousand pictures and many wonderful memories.

Your planning was spot on – even when we didn’t believe the experiences could be topped something else raised the bar again.  Doubtful Sound was fantastic especially in the afternoon’s dose of sunshine! Hope that we can get together and share some of our experiences and recommendations in the weeks ahead.

Many Thanks Again

Don & Carline

All details were taken care of

We would like to send a big thank you to Nikki and Downunder Travel for organizing our recent trip to Australia.  All details were taken care of and our holiday couldn’t have been better.  The hotels were conveniently located and were within walking distance or a short subway ride to the “must sees” in each city.  All transfers to and from airports were excellent, no lengthy waiting or worrying about missing a flight.  Nikki booked a number of extras for us (City Flexi Passes, Great Barrier Reef excursion, Australian Zoo) and again everything went very smoothly.

We highly recommend working with Nikki and Downunder Travel if you are planning a trip to Australia.


Brenda & Robin

I can’t say enough about how wonderful the experience was

My husband and I had the pleasure working with Nikki in planning our dream vacation to Africa. I can’t say enough about how wonderful the experience was! Nikki was patient, very knowledgeable and ensured all the details were perfect. We are very grateful because our trip to Tanzania was amazing!!! Any questions and concerns we had Nikki was always quick to address and she really went above and beyond. Would absolutely recommend and do it all again.

Thank you!!!

Katherine K.

All good, had a wonderful vacation

I will start at the beginning the flights were really good, I am so glad we went premium economy. The plane going was a 789 much newer and nicer then the plane coming home which was A380-800J, but it was a nice experience to sit in the upper deck. Also, you were right about the flights coming home and it is definitely best to keep moving. With all the airport security and walking it didn’t really seem that long between flights.

Tours -all small groups, Max 12 people – All very good.

Melbourne Accommodation was brand new 2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom with Balcony and view of the Yarra, also in a great location, thank you.

Sydney Hotel room was in good shape aside from the bathroom looking tired, but still 4.5 Stars and you cannot beat the location.  Would definitely stay there again.

All good, had a wonderful vacation!

Thanks so much


Thank you for organizing an excellent itinerary

Thank you again for organizing an excellent trip for us.

The hotels were first class, the flights and airlines were great- Air New Zealand was especially good.

Your expertise in listening to our travel interests and matching it with a variety of individual tours matched our expectations perfectly. We enjoyed every minute! All of our pick-up and drop-off arrangements were on time and nice vehicles.

Uluru, the base walk around Uluru, the Kings canyon hike, Low Isles Sailaway, Half day Eco tour in Blue Mountains, Sydney Outback tour to Chase National Park, The Sensational Sydney Cruise, Concert at the Sydney Opera House. All the rest were excellent as well. The Ghan was a wonderful train experience from Adelaide to the Outback.

But honestly, every day tour, hotel, transfer, airline, train you suggested and arranged met or more often exceeded our expectations for what we wanted to see and do.

So, thank you again for organizing an excellent itinerary for us- we enjoyed it immensely!!!!

Terry & Elsbeth


I  just got back from Fiji,  I want to give you a huge THANK YOU for arranging all of the travel and accommodations for me.

Everything was so seamless, from our landing at Nadi airport and being driven to the docks via the private driver, to us having a fabulous stay at our resort. It was beautiful. The Fijians are so soft spoken and so kind. We even got to participate in our first Kava ceremony. We met a couple who also told us about Blue Lagoon Cruises and it will definitely be something my husband and I would love to do in the future.

Funny thing is on the way back I didn’t realize that a Tourist Fiji driver would also be there to pick us up and we almost got onto the Shuttle bus with everyone else! It was quite the pleasant surprise as we were dreading getting on the crowded bus.

Thank you so much again for arranging a wonderful trip. Many of our friends have already commented on how beautiful and amazing Fiji looks. Hopefully I can send some new travellers your way soon.


The best travel agent I have ever dealt with

Thanks so much for being so throughout. You are the best travel agent I have ever dealt with.  We are going to need your help again when we travel to Singapore and Japan.

T. Nguyen

I wouldn’t have put it all together the way you did!

I just wanted to thank you for all the great advice and information that you provided for our recent trip to Australia.  I am the type of traveller that tends to search on in the internet and book things on my own, so using a travel agent for our trip wasn’t my first thought. However the trip we had planned was quite complicated with multiple destinations which involved several flights, varied accommodation,  local transportation, and tours  and I know I wouldn’t have been able to put it all together the way you did.  This was a trip that we booked with short notice which made it even more complicated. Once we met with you,  I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders,  and I had confidence in your recommendations. You really know Australia and it shows. I truly felt that we had a better vacation because of you. The tours in Tasmania and the Daintree were spectacular,  and everything went very smoothly from start to finish.  I felt that we received excellent service and advice and we really got great  value for our travel dollars. We have recommended you to several friends,  and will be calling on you again in the future if our travels take us ‘down under’!

The Baillie family

Super Thank-You for completely arranging our 5 week trip!

We would like to say a super Thank You to Jason Webb at Downunder Travel. For completely arranging our 5 week trip to New Zealand, Australia, Bora Bora, Paul Gauguin Cruise in Tahiti & return to Canada. Jason booked all our airline travel, chauffeur pick ups, & travel dates. These were very convenient scheduled & were all on time. Twelve air planes in 34 days. Jason had the knowledge & experience to pre-book excellent hotels, exceptional tours & timely transfers. We had a memorable, enjoyable carefree trip due to Jason’s knowledgeable preparation.

Bonnie & Kent

Selection of excursions were suited to our interests

Kudos to Sawyer, our travel agent from Downunder Travel, who did a fantastic job of arranging our trip to Fiji. Her attention to detail was impeccable.

We were delayed for takeoff from Calgary to San Francisco due to weather and Sawyer helped us with our hotel bookings and transfers en-route to San Francisco. As well, she automatically readjusted our Fiji itinerary to coincide with our missed arrival dates in Fiji.

When we were planning our trip, we told Sawyer what our interests were, and her selection of excursions were exactly suited to our interests. Her choice of accommodations was excellent.

Jim & Mary

Best Vacation Ever

Jason created the Best Vacation Ever for us – a month long trip to Australia travelling the east coast, the Red Center and south. All arrangements, locations, excursions, transfers were well executed which resulted in a stress free vacation for us! Thanks so much for your attention to all the details. Would definitely recommend that others trust Jason to make their entire trip as spectacular as ours was.
Gregory’s and Short’s

L. Gregory

We will be recommending you to anyone we know

We absolutely loved our vacation, Jason!  Kudos to you with your recommendations, bookings, etc.  Everything came off without a hitch –  excursion pickups, airport shuttles were always on time.  We made out great driving on the wrong side of the road, and steering wheel on wrong side of car lol.  Air New Zealand was a great choice for our main flights, flight attendants came to our seats and thanked us personally for flying with Air New Zealand.  Again, we have to thank you so much Jason for helping us plan such a fantastic vacation – such a great time.  Hopefully we will vacation in another area you sell and we’ll need your services again.  We will definitely be recommending you to anyone we know.

C. Hinks

A Phenomenal South Pacific Adventure

A special thanks for putting my phenomenal South Pacific Adventure of a lifetime together.  Much appreciation for all the hard work that you have endured to make my trip a most memorable adventure.  I have totally enjoyed every aspect of the trip.  I will definitely recommend this itinerary to anyone looking for a trip of a lifetime.

A. Millette

Wonderful Thailand and Myanmar!

Thanks for organizing and planning our recent trip to Thailand and Myanmar. We had a wonderful, magical month on some Thai islands, and tremendously enjoyed Mandalay and particularly, Bagan. The hot air balloon ride, is not to be missed.  Our next trip to that part of the world , we will certainly use your expertise Andree.

T. Baker

Ghan Platinum Trip

Just to let you know we arrived safely back home late yesterday after a wonderful trip. Thank you for setting it all up. We saw almost no rain but the day that it did rain was when we arrived in Darwin. Having Platinum [The Ghan] meant our transfer bus was right beside the train whereas the Gold passengers had quite a walk to get to the station. The train is almost a kilometer long so it meant a walk in the rain for some.

G. Bernhardt

Melbourne, Cairns & Sydney!

The tours in Melbourne, Cairns and Sydney were exceptional.  The guides were all very informative and helpful when explaining the sites, sometimes throwing in their own personal stories too.  In Melbourne we enjoyed: the hop on/off bus tour, the Central Historical tram, the Treasury and ANZAC Memorial is is very worthwhile, The Great Ocean Road with our small group tour was fabulous and the Penguin Parade with underground viewing is definitely a must-see!  The Cairns tours are remarkable; I enjoyed our small personalized group travel to Frankland Island (including guided walk), the Kuranda Train, Skyrail and Hartley’s offered a great variety and St. Monica’s Cathedral with its stained glass windows are a hidden gem!  In Sydney, we enjoyed so much; the Ferry boat was easy to manage, The Sydney Opera House was definitely a highlight, our Harbour Cruise was fantastic and our Blue Mountains tour with hike was lovely, definitely another must-experience.

In addition to the terrific tours, our flights and connections were seamless and the personal touches and the variety of experienced offered on this trip was one of a kind!  I look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future!

W. MGee

3 Week Australia Trip!

Our family would like to thank you for coordinating an amazing trip to Australia!  We only had 3 weeks but we were able to experience so much with an itinerary that was seamless and worry free!

Every spot was memorable, from the Grampians to Kangaroo Island, to a liveaboard on the GBR and the bright lights of Melbourne and Sydney  – a spectacular country and can’t wait to go back!

We definitely recommend Downunder Travel and are grateful to Andree for all her help and expertise in creating a wonderful adventure!


NZ and Cook Islands

“Jason planned our 3 week honeymoon to New Zealand and Cook Islands in October 2016. Jason was very knowledgeable and saved us so much time not trying to plan the trip details ourselves! We had an amazing time, with everything going smoothly. Overall, happy to recommend his service to anyone else planning to go “down under” 🙂 .”

L. Filipic

Australia, Africa, and more!

“A group of 9 travelers wanted to do a tour of Australia. 4 of us have been using Jason at Downunder Travel since 2005. We are a group with agricultural interests so we were hoping to see the diversity of Australia with as many ag components as possible. We met with Jason and he compiled an itinerary for us which gave us another trip of a lifetime. Jason’s attention to detail is truly amazing. Everything happened without a glitch which makes for a worry-free holiday. He also allowed for some free days if anything needed rearranged. We are already planning our next holiday with his company. Kudos to Jason!”

T. Evans

Southern Africa 25 Day Tour

“Heard about this place through a friend and decided to inquire about a trip to Southern Africa. Jason did a fantastic job with very little time and set up a 25 day trip, flights included. Was excellent at every stage and everything went off without a hitch. Would absolutely recommend, and will most definitely be a repeat customer.”

J. Szoo

New Zealand Self-Drive

“We spent 6.5 wonderful weeks exploring both Islands in New Zealand. Jason met with us to understand our interests and a sense of where we hoped to travel while there. Accommodations, day trips, half day tours etc all ran without a hitch. At one point we thought we might be seeking medical assistance at a drop in clinic. Not sure about the process with Medical Insurance, we sent him a note to which he quickly responded and we really appreciated. We are very thankful for the arrangements and bookings that helped make the time there truly great. Thanks Jason.”

D. Nixon

African Safari

“Our group of 4 travelled to Africa, 4 different countries, many flights, hotels and tours under the guidance of Jason at Down Under Travel. The trip was amazing especially the safaris. Jason’s attention to detail made this trip outstanding. Truly a trip of a lifetime that was arranged perfectly. Don’t hesitate to book with this company, you will not be disappointed.”

M. O'Bryan