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Kenya has been a staple for Game Viewing throughout history. Rich in British Heritage, Kenya offers a plethora of tourism opportunities.  Many of the lodges outside of Nairobi are reminiscent of what one might find in the English Cotswolds. Stone masonry with Thatched Roofing is prominent. Sitting on the patio enjoying a silver service lunch or high tea and watching giraffes majestically walking merely metres away will simply take your breath away. 

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Being on the Equator and stretching north, Kenya’s unique geographic locations boasts various climate zones which in turn offers unique game viewing opportunities. Grevy Zebras for example, are only found north of the Equator, there for only available for viewing in Kenya.  Like wise with Giraffes. Kenya offers 3 different species of Giraffes, including Masai, Rothschild and Reticulated, again, only available for viewing North of the Equator.  This is apparent with various game.  Kenya is the best place in Africa for variation of game viewing. 

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There are many National Parks throughout Kenya, all of which offer different game viewing opportunities. Lake Nakuru for example, is a one of Kenya’s smaller National Parks. It is famous for the ring of pink around the outside of the lake which is caused from the Pink Flamingos that call Nakuru their home. All tours will  stop en route from a key viewing point in the Rift Valley highlands for tourists to see the amazing pink ring around Lake Nakuru. 

Traveling to the North is a trip well worthwhile. Samburu National Park is a very arid zone of Kenya which offers variation of species for tourists to take in. The Samburu region is named after it’s people. They dress themselves with colourful handmade jewelry and will perform their dances for visitors to understand their culture a little. The Samburu are a very gentle and shy race, rich with heritage and tradition. Villages are available for visits making Samburu a great opportunity for non commercialised cultural immersion. 

Perhaps the ‘Jewel of the Nile”, most talked about and discussed National Park in Kenya is The Masai Mara, affectionately known as “The Mara”. This is Kenya’s largest National Park.  Large open sweeping plains that seem to just go on for ever and ever. Located just south of the Equator, the Masai Mara quite often rains every day of the year for a few minutes at the very least. The Masai Mara offers incredible balloon safaris. Spotting game from above is an enjoyable and memorable experience. 

Kenya has a mostly stable government.  It is part of the commonwealth.  The population is around 50 million. Capital City and main port of entry is Nairobi. 

Kenya is warm to hot all year round.  Julys & August are the coolest of these months with average temperatures of around 18c. The hottest months are October through to March where one can expect temperatures of around 28c average combined with rain (as per follows). 

The months with the least rainfall are June through October.  Higher levels of rainfall should be expected November through May, with the highest levels of rainfall during April & May each year.  The heavy rainfall can cause problems getting around on some of the unpaved roads which can add considerable time drive between National Parks.

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