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The official name of Taiwan is the “Republic of China” and formerly known as Formosa.  Museums, national parks, traditional Chinese temples, night markets, iconic buildings and more make up the beautiful and must-see East Asian destination of Taiwan! Beauty, lush mountain peaks – from the Yushan Mountain Range to the Central Mountain Range, stretching from coast to coast, along the island – the 36,000 square kilometer country is hilly, has many highlands, coastal plains and offers travellers delightful sights all around.

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Taiwan is known for crowded cities, steep mountains and lush forests. There are many ways to see Taiwan's beauty. Taiwan has 9 national parks and 13 national scenic areas to preserve the country's best natural  and cultural sites. Taiwanese culture is largely based on traditional Chinese culture as most people have ancestors which migrated from China.

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The best time of year to visit is from Oct-Dec. Spring is also nice but it can rain a little more during this time.Jun-Sep remain the hottest with temperatures reaching above 30 °C. Be prepared if you are visiting the mountainous regions as the weather can change rapidly.

Taiwan is a quick cheap holiday from residences of Japan or Hong Kong. Be aware when travelling around the Chinese New Year as it is an important holiday for Taiwanese and shops local businesses can shut down for about 3 days.

Taipei, is a vibrant culture and entertainment hub. The Taipei 101 is a landmark tower that held the world record for skyscraper height until 2010. It used to have the fastest elevator in the world, travelling at up to 60.6 km/hour and moving passengers from the 5th to 89th floor in 37 seconds.

The Taiwanese calendar, known as Minguo, is commonly used in Taiwan and counts the days since the establishment of the ROC (Republic of China). To convert a Minguo date to A.D., simply add 1911.

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What you need to know

Information and Facts

Taiwan, The Republic of China, is an island that lies off the southeastern coast of mainland Asia.  Offering travellers temperate, comfortable weather alongside the scenic landscapes with the region’s majestic peaks, rolling hills, 9 national parks as well as stunning coastlines, Taiwan is a much-loved destination to visit!

Taiwan: Facts & Information


Visitors love Taiwan’s general year-round warm climate. While conditions may shift during various season changes, the temperatures remain relatively stable. However, in some mountainous areas, snow may appear during the winter (December to February).


Taiwan is generally a safe destination year round. It is recommended to take any necessary precautions as you would when at home; bring sun block and apply regularly, stay hydrated often, wear long-sleeved clothing and have copies on-hand of your important documents. We recommend that all our travellers purchase travel insurance.


While some vaccines may be recommended when travelling around Asia – WHO recommends travellers be up to date with their Tetanus, Diphtheria and Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B shots – there aren’t any known ailments or endemic diseases where there is a need for a particular immunisation required for travel.

In general, prior to departure for any vacation, it’s always best to speak with your physician, who knows your medical history, and can assess any risks involved with your intended destination.

Currency & Customs

The New Taiwan Dollar is the currency used in The Republic of China (Taiwan). You do not need a visa if you visit Taiwan for less than 90 days. For any tour, restaurant or hotel service, the customary tip amount is 10%.


Just like North America, Taiwan’s electrical standard is 110V, 60Hz.


Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan) is the national language of Taiwan.

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