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Downunder Travel assists Canadian travellers with often long and complex itineraries to amazing dream/bucket-list destinations.

 With office locations in Calgary, Vancouver & Toronto, we are the largest retail-only travel company in Canada that specializes in the following niche destinations: Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Asia & African Safaris. Our recommended excursions are unique, safe, and have proven to impart unforgettable, life-changing experiences to Canadian travelers. From airfares to hotel accommodation, outings, events and excursions, Downunder Travel ensures travellers receive extraordinary services at the best possible value.

What Sets Downunder Travel Apart From Other Travel Agencies

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15 Years First-Hand Experience

15 Years Experience

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Detailed & Customizable Itinerary

Detailed & Customizable Itinerary

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Guided Adventures

Guided Adventures

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Destination Specialists

Destination Specialists

Downunder Travel’s journey began in Calgary, Alberta. The idea of having a travel agency that specializes in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, African Safaris and the entire South Pacific region was a fairly new concept in Canada and it was something that some might consider 'niche'.

Why travel with agencies who can book travels around the world, but with minimal knowledge in each of the destinations they sell? We are Destination Specialists for the South Pacific, Asia & Africa.With a fantastic team of specialists, the dream of offering South Pacific vacations and beyond to Canadians has since become a huge success—you'll get direct access with a Destination Specialist who regularly visits the destinations we sell in order to remain on the pulse with all current travel trends and with our product offerings. We also have direct interaction with all major airlines and tourism boards so that our travelers receive the best in airfare, accommodation, and tours.

As anticipated, every customer expects – and rightfully deserves – a high-quality itinerary that really speaks to what they’re looking for and building upon that initial quest is a top priority.  This is a vacation you don’t simply wake up and decide to visit.  It takes a good amount of time to think about and plan which is another great reason to use one of our staff for this unique vacation – there’s a lot of thought that we put into your schedule, which includes incredible coastal journeys, many outback experiences that give you fantastic insight on some of the first nations in the country, nature discoveries, self-drive itineraries, walking and hiking tours, unique forms of accommodations such as glamping, cruising options, sporting events, and so much more.

These aren’t cookie-cutter excursions and experiences

These aren’t cookie-cutter excursions and experiences; you don’t simply come in, book and be off.  If you’re heading to the land of exceptional wildlife, beauty and a great history to share, we thrive on making unique itineraries that speak to your travel needs.  With hardly any wait times, contact our offices today and speak to one of our many friendly, very knowledgeable staff; we’re excited to help you get to your dream vacation!   

Time and time again our customer service relies heavily – and becomes proven – in the quality of our vacation proposals and itineraries that are uniquely designed for each of our clients. 

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