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A country that is great to visit any time of the year for its 12 different climatic zones, large number of national parks, wildlife refugees and biological reserves, visitors appreciate the variety of environments and plentiful itinerary options in this exuberant country. From the capital city of San José, a major transportation hub with its European-inspired architecture and many theatres and museums, to the Poás Volcano National Park with its two top craters and active volcano, to birdwatching in national parks to see some of the country’s 900 birds species, and wellness activities like trekking through nature or tranquil activities like hot springs, Costa Rica makes for an ideal destination for vacationers looking for unspoiled nature and truly authentic experiences.

Furthermore, Costa Rica tourism board has developed a Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (CST) program for tourism organizations across the country with the intent to categorize and differentiate the hotels and tour operators when regulating proper sustainability requirements.  With the many biodiversity reserves and conservation areas throughout Costa Rica, it’s no secret that this lush, rainforested country is also diligent with ensuring proper eco-tourism standards are met with hoteliers and tour operators alike.  While excursion offerings are varied, these tourism products place an emphasis on also educating visitors about the importance of protecting the country’s natural resources.  You can spot sloths, monkeys and tapirs.  Perhaps enjoy some of the adventure activities of rafting, ziplining or a bike tour.

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Head into one of the national parks teeming with exotic wildlife, majestic rivers and waterfalls on a hiking trail or visit a local community and learn about Costa Rican culture and cuisine; there’s much to discover when visiting the country’s cities, beautiful landscapes, mountains, cloud forests, or the many beaches with over 1,200 km of coastlines that are either facing the Pacific Coast or Caribbean Sea.

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