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The stunning 15 paradisal islands in the heart of the South Pacific – lying halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii – make for an exceptional, heavenly getaway.  Far from your typical beach vacation, this is a location with secluded beaches so you never have to worry about rushing over to reserve beach chairs for yourself or your party.  Furthermore, the shores are calm and shallow, which make for safe conditions to play in, especially if you are travelling with children. 

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The history of the Cook Islands is rooted in its deep Polynesian Heritage with a mixture of European influences.   On the same time zone as Hawaii, which makes it rare to experience much jetlag, your sunny escape will provide you with many great vacation adventures!  The white-sandy beaches of the these majestic islands provide a rare, raw beauty coupled with an idyllic climate and much ground to play in, so you’re free to roam or rip around the main island of Rarotonga on a scooter hire. 

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The Cook Islands are what Hawaii was 50 years ago, except with the modern conveniences and necessities that travellers appreciate. Hawaii has about 8.3 Million visitors per year (an average of 159,615 per week) compared to the yearly number of visitors to the ‘Cooks, which is 121,458! without that typical touristy look-and-feel that no one wants!

Booking with a Destination Specialist will afford you some of the best offers in this true piece of heaven of the South Pacific.  We have direct contacts to airlines, resorts, hotels and excursion operators and we can also get you to enjoy some off-beaten path regions such as Aitu – a totally remote, practically uninhabited island – as well as some unique experiences you may only be able to get through us. We have extensive knowledge of the Cook Islands, even through some of our staff who have actually lived in ‘The Cooks!’ Yearly, we have our Christmas in the Cook Islands offers, which gives Downunder Travel passengers an exclusive deal for travel during the holiday season – a particularly prime booking time, and expensive time of year – as well as the New Year.  Be sure to look out of our yearly offers to The Cooks during the holiday period as it is sure to offer you and your family something of a unique experience.  As we like to say, swap out that winter snow for powdery-white sand beaches that only this little group of islands, totally around 240 square kilometers, can provide. 

The Cook Islands boasts that rare beauty that is untouched, unspoiled, pure and beautiful; the tropical region offers that idyllic climate you can find year-round. You’ll always be interacting with such warm welcoming locals be it at the Sunday Avarua Markets, listening to the gorgeous hymns at the Sunday Church service, to the tour leaders and everyday folks on the street – Cook Islands offers that authentic islander experience without that touristy feel.  Making for one of the most pristine romantic getaways, this is a perfect place for a honeymoon or anniversary getaway for you and your partner.

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Made up of 15 unique islands, the Cook islands had untouched beauty and charm. Enjoy the rich culture in the heart of Polynesia, or simply relax on in paradise. Speak to a destination specialist to learn how you can book your next adventure to the Cooks!

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