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Beautifully situated in the heart of the South Pacific and on the same side of the North American time zone for that jetlag-free start to your holidays, Tahiti is your piece of heaven for total privacy and tranquility. Many of the islands offer experiences, deeply rooted in the authentic Tahitian and Polynesian culture. Your luxury Tahitian vacation can only be planned by a certified Tahiti Tiare Specialists, which happens to be all of our Destination Specialists. Why is it important to work with a Tahiti Tiare Specialist?  It is because we are experts in all things in these great islands. Other than our expertise, our Destination Specialists have privileged access to familiarization trips, seminars and various events sponsored by the tourism board, which in turn gives us the ability to get our travellers exclusive rates and offers, many of which any other trip-booking website or standard agency will not have access to. 

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Did we mention we’re also well-versed in the cruising industry within the South Pacific?  This means, whether it’s the Paul Gauguin you’re looking to sail on, the Aranui or any other Tahitian cruise line – including private yacht experiences – we’ve got your specific holiday needs covered.  Did you know?  Each of the Tahitian islands all mean something.  From the “Romantic Island” of Bora Bora, to the “Vanilla Island” of Tahaa, Moorea known as “The Magical Island” and the “Queen of the South Pacific,” the island of Tahiti itself, and so much more, these islands make up paradise and each have their own trademark style and pizzazz! 

Discuss with one of our Destination Specialists about what each of the meanings mean and of course how we can help plan your perfect French Polynesian getaway in this spectacular region.  More than just island names and meanings, you can enjoy the black sand of Tahiti Island, swim with sharks, mantarays, stingrays and enjoy world-class snorkelling!  You’ll love the dining there too – from restaurants cooked up by Michelin star chefs, to the Papeete Roulettes, also known as food trucks, which serve up delicious gourmet eats.

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The islands offer so much for its guests such as crystal clear waters protected by reefs, they’re home to the Tahitian Black Pearl, breathtaking emerald peaks and the downtown markets in the city of Papeete is worth visiting for local crafts.  These atolls are also home to the original overwater bungalows, so be sure to stay at a local Hilton, InterContinental or LeMeridien for that true luxurious experiences and overwater bungalows with breathtaking views all around.  This region is totally romantic with around 90% of vacations planned for couples – so be sure to consider thoughtful couple-y activities such as canoe breakfasts or private romantic picnics to sweeten your time together. Of course, this paradisal group of islands make the perfect place to honeymoon and you can also marry your one and only, legally, through a traditional Tahitian ceremony!  If you’re looking for that luxurious, top-tier service, this region is the destination for you as the service you’ll get will truly be an experience like no other.  We can also make recommendations on some of the most remote, private and luxurious accommodations.

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The heart of the South Pacific, Tahiti is the largest of the French Polynesian islands. Tahiti is dominated by 3 extinct volcanos, and split up into 2 parts, Tahiti Nui & the smaller Tahiti Iti. Tahiti has unreal sunsets, clear oceans and white sandy beaches making it the ultimate relaxing vacation. Speak to a destination specialists and get started on your next adventure to the South Pacific.

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