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Don’t hold back—go an outback safari adventure; swim in an Australian reef; sample wines and discover natural opals. Otherwise, kick back and relax on a beach-front villa; savour the best Thai or Indonesian cuisine; or discover one of the Pacific’s most peaceful islands.  Whatever getaway you fancy, enjoy both basking in lavishness in world-renowned hotels and resorts and embarking on exciting, luxury tours. Our recommended excursions are unique, safe, and have proven to impart unforgettable, life-changing experiences to Canadian travelers. 

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We are experts in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Asia and Africa and therefore take great pride in our devotion to executing the utmost detail-oriented travel itineraries. Our objective is to ensure that you receive extraordinary offers at the best possible value for your dream vacation.  In addition to helping you plan an incredible getaway, we also provide pertinent information on pre-departure essentials, including passport and visa requirements.

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