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Experience an untamed Asia vacation. Food, culture, wilderness, and more; this unmatched travel destination is brimming with rich customs going back thousands of years. A hub for international travellers, Asia offers experiences as dynamic as its cultures. Choose your Asia vacation package to experience some of the many countries that call Asia home. Enjoy the beaches of Singapore or the hustle and bustle of India. Scale Mount Fuji in Japan or relish world-class shopping in Hong Kong. These Asia vacation packages from Canada allow you to explore this part of the world like never before! Take advantage of the savings in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Laos, or enjoy the internationally renowned sounds of K-Pop in South Korea. Each destination provides you with an experience as unique as the country itself.

South Pacific

Imagine beautiful marine life, beaches, and spas. This idyllic vision can be yours to enjoy with our assortment of South Pacific vacation packages. Visit the awe-inspiring shores of the Cook Islands, or indulge in paradise in Tahiti-French Polynesia with the mighty Pacific Ocean at your feet. Your South Pacific vacation packages from Canada include endless Samoa beaches, unforgettable cultural experiences in Fiji, and perfect year-round weather in Tonga. Enjoy the unbridled sunshine, snorkel with marine life, or rejuvenate in one of the many spas. Stop dreaming of getting away and make that escape come to life with your South Pacific vacation.


Australia vacations are among the finest. Brimming with natural wonders, the land down under is a place of breathtaking beauty. The majestic sandstones of the Northern Territory, the natural beauty of Queensland and Victoria, and the many world-renowned National Parks in New South Wales create an unforgettable experience when you choose your Australia packages from Canada. Experience the abundant wildlife at Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Visit the charming city of Canberra, Australia’s Capital, in ACT (Australia Capital Territory) for its many museums and festivals. Scour some of the world’s best beaches, scale mountain ranges, and enjoy amazing food in the island state of Tasmania. And, of course, Australia vacation packages aren’t complete without a trip to the majestic outbacks of Western Australia.

New Zealand

Your New Zealand vacation will be the trip of a lifetime! Visit the North Island for its stunning sub-tropical beaches, volcanic activity, and the bustling cosmopolitan city of Auckland. New Zealand vacation packages from Canada include trips to the South Island and its rugged mountain alps, coastlines, and thriving rainforests. Enjoy fantastic food that blends multi-cultural cuisines from Europe and Asia. Or, if you’re craving a truly authentic experience with your New Zealand vacation packages, escape on an 18-day self-drive tour, viewing the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of the South Island. This trip offers a genuine New Zealand experience that will stay with you forever.


Your life will never be the same after your Africa vacation. Start your journey in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls – the world’s largest sheet of falling water. And also one of the world’s 7 Natural Wonders. Or explore other Africa vacation packages in the landlocked country of Botswana in South Africa, where you can join an Africa Safari to see lions, giraffes, and more from the safety of a 4×4 vehicle in the Moremi Game Reserve. Your Africa vacation packages from Canada allow you to see the continent from Madagascar, Tanzania, Namibia, and more. Take a 13-day Wildlife Explorer trip in Uganda or experience the majestic Wilderbeast Migration in Kenya. Regardless of your choice, your Africa vacation will be a long-long highlight you’ll always look back to with a smile.

Central America

Experience the natural beauty of Central America. Visit the world’s second-largest barrier reef in Belize. Explore the vast jungles and beaches of Panama. Or enjoy the culture, weather, and untouched wilderness of Costa Rica. Your Central America vacation packages from Canada offer experiences and adventures you will cherish for the remainder of your days! With an almost endless supply of activities to do and sights to see, you’ll never have a dull moment during your Central America vacation. Whether it’s exploring the ancient Mayan ruins or visiting the Panama Canal, our Central America vacation packages offer something for everyone.

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