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One of the most diverse countries in the Indo China group.  Stemming from an ancient Asian dynasty to becoming a French protectorate to Independence to Russian Communism. 

Colonial French Architecture can be found in the capital Vientiane and other large cities such as Luang Prubang.   

Beautiful Buddhist Temples are dotted all over Laos.  One of the more popular temples being the gold covered That Luang in Vientiane  where it is believed lies a breast bone of bone of Buddha.

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Laos is traversed by the Meekong River that winds its way through mountains and hilltribe villages. River Cruises on the Meekong have become hugely popular over the last decade. 

Located in a Tropical Climate Region, the best months to visit Laos are October through April.  This will ensure the lowest rainfall. 

Lao is the official language, however, only half the country speak Lao. The rest of the country speaks regional ethnic dialects.  French is taught in schools and still very broadly spoken. Road signs throughout the country are in Lao & French. English is becoming more acceptable and spoken in recent years.  Perhaps a result of the massive tourism influx over the last 25 years. 

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Laos is a place of awe with its mountainous terrain, natural beauty, French colonial architecture, Buddhist temples and rich history dating back to over 10,000 years.  The capital, Vientiane, is famous for the “Pha That Luang," a 16th century, gold-covered Buddhist temple and a must-see for its many references to the country’s culture and ancient roots (it has become a national symbol for Laos).

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