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Bountiful in its history, Vietnam is a country with incredible beauty, hill-tribe villages and large, vibrant cities.  From Ha Long Bay to Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and the Capital, Hanoi, and through bustling cities like Ho Chi Minh City, visiting one of the many famous Buddhist pagodas like the one found in Huong Pagoda, and onward to Ninh Bình, a small city in the north with a river delta, the country is rich in its culture as it is in its diversity. Try your hand at cooking some traditional Vietnmamese dishes, attempt crab fishing via basket board at Hoi An, or simply partake in Vietnam’s unsystematic – but fun! – Market life in Ho Chi Minh City for some souvenir shopping.

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Enjoy a guided tour around some of the major cities, stay on your own private island and enjoy quite time in a pristine environment, learn about the fascinating vibrant culture and be sure to make a stop at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay, and take in the stunning coastal surrounds or go swimming in the warm, comfortable waters. The Cu Chi tunnels give travellers great insight to the country’s history with its many intertwining and connecting tunnels and coves that were used as hideouts or supply routes during times of war.  These tunnels also housed hospitals as well as provided a reserve for food, crops or weapons; this was seen as a strong form of protection and an important part in Vietnam’s history.

For a relaxing island getaway in this country, Phú Quốc is fantastic for its white-sand beaches and pampering resorts. As well, be sure to check out the island’s charming natural must-sees such as the Phú Quốc National Park with its jungle and many hiking trails as well as wildlife encounters.

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Vietnam offers travellers a vibrant culture, bustling cities as well as stunning coastlines, landscapes and Buddhist pagodas.  Taste delicious cuisine and explore stunning regions such as Ha Long Bay, Phu Quoc and Danang Beach.

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