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Talofa and welcome to the little paradise of Samoa! Samoa is one of the most treasured islands of the South Pacific, sitting neatly halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii—great for those looking for that off-the-beaten path travels. With fluffy white sand beaches and sparkling crystal waters, this country is a hidden paradise just waiting to be explored. Samoa consists of 10 islands, each offering a distinct experience.

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On your trip to Samoa, you can choose to relax on a beach, take a day trip to a local town of Apia, Upolu, cycle the perimeter of Upolu or Savai’i or even take an island day trip to the tiny and adorable island of Manono, situated just 4 kilometres off the main island’s southeastern coast.  Samoa is a must-see country. From its beautiful beaches to rich history and culture, it’s a trip that never fails to impress.

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Samoa offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with fantastic surfing, swimming, or lounging. The white-sand beaches aren’t the only natural wonders of Samoa. The islands are often covered with lush rainforests and such picturesque valleys, home to many unique and colourful animals. Not only the natural surrounds, but the local churches in Samoa are striking; if you can, whether on a Sunday or not, these places of worship make for beautiful pictures. Be sure to go inside as well for some highly skilled craftsmanship of the interior and decor. The inland waterfalls and water holes are a must-see and experience too; definitely add Sopoaga Falls and Afu Aau Falls to your itinerary as well as the dramatic To Sua Ocean Trench! Accommodations can be just as magical—one of the recommendations we have is to stay overnight in a beach fale and relish in stunning views of the turquoise ocean every morning right at your front door (sunset too are just as fantastic!).

If you’re visiting Samoa, it is suggested to not have your entire stay on the main island of Upolu. Instead, visit Savai’i, dubbed as the ‘real Samoa’ for its glorious natural beauty, rivalling other popular South Pacific destinations. The island is the third largest Polynesian island, and boasts some of the most beautiful wildlife and natural topography. Get the full Savai’i experience when there: check out breathtaking deep caves, lush rainforests, the Saleaula Lava Fields, the Alofaaga Blowholes and so much more. In the evenings, return to a deluxe seaside bungalow or take a sunset stroll down the nearby beach.

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Samoa has many lush green valleys, cascading waterfalls dropping into rivers, rugged volcanic mountain peaks, and a variety of white sandy beaches sure to lure you with their charm and serenity!  Enjoy Samoa’s coastline is with its sparkling white sand beaches that stretch and go on for miles as well as the coastline’s walls of sheer cliffs dropping straight into the Pacific Ocean.  With Samoa’s many picturesque beaches, coastlines and natural beauty, it’s the culture and people that complete the magic of the Samoan islands with their friendly welcoming vibe.  

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