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We have offices in Calgary, Vancouver & Toronto. We are always happy to share our knowledge and travel experiences. If you have a question, give us a call!

The Downunder Travel Team

Downunder Travel's team is filled with enthusiastic travellers looking to make your dream adventure a reality.

We’d like to hear from you!  We are excited to chat with you to make your dream vacation a reality.  All of our Destination Specialists have firsthand experiences, and are experts, in the following destinations: the South Pacific, Asia, India, Africa and Central America.

Angie, Destination Specialist
--Calgary -- I have worked in the travel industry for over four years, but being married to an Aussie affords me a fair amount of travelling to the beautiful country of Australia and surrounding regions!  I believe it is important for travellers to visit Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Pacific islands, because of the great people, the diverse landscapes and the incredibly laid back cultures... let\'s not forget about the flat white Australian coffee, the delicious wines as well as the stunning beaches! 
Jason, Destination Specialist
-- Calgary -- After moving to Canada from Perth, Australia, my first job in Calgary was at a Corporate Travel company. Corporate Travel was not fun for me, so I then founded Downunder Travel and haven’t looked back since! Being an Australian, the South Pacific regions, as well as Asia and Africa are all areas that I have traveled to and as a result feel most comfortable selling. Helping travellers plan out the ultimate vacation experience never gets old for me and an excellence in customer service is an expectation all travellers have, which is something I aim to achieve every single day.
Minnie, Accountant
--Calgary -- I received my Bachelor of Arts as well as a Graduate Diploma, in Financial Management in Asia. I then immigrated to Moncton, where I returned to school and eventually earned a diploma of I.T. solutions from a community college and worked as a programmer for a year.  My career allowed me to dabble a bit in the tourism industry as I became a budget car rental reservation agent. Upon moving to Calgary in 2013 I worked as a Financial Service Representative at CIBC, which then led me to Downunder Travel!
Sawyer, Destination Specialist
-- Calgary -- I hit the ground running when I graduated with a B.A. honours program in Travel & Tourism back in 2011 and I haven’t looked back since.  I especially enjoy self-drive vacations with touring options and excursions built-in along the way as this gives travellers a sense of freedom to explore on their own terms. Travellers appreciate the ability to see what they want on their journeys, alongside some “must see” experiences that I love to build in their travel proposals for that extra wow-factor!
Stephanie, Destination Specialist
-- Toronto -- I’ve worked in the travel industry for over 20 years specializing in the South Pacific regions, Asia and Africa.  One of the things I love most about the South Pacific is that I have the ability to have an entire beach all to myself!  The beaches of the South Pacific are so secluded that you’ll never have to rush to ‘reserve’ a folding chair.  I also recommend taking a flight transfer instead of a boat transfer when visiting the islands as you’ll get stunning aerial views and it doubles as a tour. Places I've visited also include South Africa.
Jane, Destination Specialist
-- Vancouver -- I first became acquainted with the South Pacific during a 4-month backpacking trip many years ago. I later spent six years living in New Zealand and have now made more than two dozen trips to Australia, New Zealand as well as French Polynesia, Fiji and the Cook Islands. This corner of the world holds special interest for me due to the fabulous variety of landscapes, the uncrowded and unspoiled rural areas, the vibrant cities, the amazing wildlife, and the coastal zones complete with reefs, islands, beaches and dramatic shorelines! Most recently, I've visited beautiful Costa Rica!
Ryan, Destination Specialist
-- Toronto -- I have been in the travel world for over 15 years, creating customized South Pacific itineraries for all types of travellers and travel styles. I had the opportunity to travel all throughout Australia, New Zealand as well as explore many beautiful and exotic Islands along the way. I understand the importance of getting the little things right, and I believe in building experiences, rather just than ticking boxes.
Chelsea, Destination Specialist
-- Calgary -- G'day! I am originally from beautiful Adelaide, Southern Australia! I’m a curious and excitable extrovert who absolutely loves traveling the world and discovering the undiscovered. I enjoy delving into new destinations and really immersing myself within the lifestyle, and for that reason I have now lived and worked in England, America, and Canada. I bring to the team my certificate IV in tourism, 8+ years of travel/tourism experience, a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping people explore the globe.
Yuki, Office Administrator
-- Calgary -- Traveling provides you with experience-knowledge-happiness and hope of having a better life. Trust us in providing the best and most surreal traveling experience that will make your holiday special. I have been working in the aviation industry for over 10 years in my home country – Hong Kong and migrated to Calgary with my family since last October, grateful to have the opportunity in joining Downunder travel. I look forward to contributing my skills and experiences to the team. Make your journey memorable with us.
Monica, Jr. Destination Specialist
-- Calgary -- I gained my love for travel having moved all over Australia and through multiple visits to the south pacific islands such as Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia. I have also traveled extensively in New Zealand, China and Hong Kong. Having moved to Canada early 2022, I make it my goal within the travel industry to help others form a love for travel and create lasting lifelong memories with friends and family.
Tammy, Destination Specialist
-- Vancouver -- Coming from a multicultural family, some could argue that travel is in my blood. Exposure to remote areas and long flights from an early age has probably developed my thirst for exploring new regions and experiencing new cultures. Starting out my career in the hospitality industry it was there where I discovered my passion for travel. I later decided to make the career switch into tourism, and I haven’t looked back since. Having lived in Australia and Taiwan, they will forever have a place in my heart and as a result, I enjoy collaborating with clients and bringing their holiday of a life time to fruition.

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