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The world’s largest island and smallest continent, Australia offers stretches of stunning beaches, toothsome cuisine, incredible natural surrounds and outback and unique wildlife with more than 80% of the country’s species can’t be found anywhere else on earth. Australia’s heritage is rich and diverse in both history and culture; Indigenous Aboriginals are thought to have arrived at least 50,000 years ago, making Australia a land with a deep cultural history.

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Experience the world’s oldest living culture through a diverse range of exclusive experiences that are life-changing, immersive and above all: memorable.  Australia’s inspiring Aboriginal experiences are engaging and leave you with a lasting impression for a lifetime.  You can experience these enriching cultural experiences on a storytelling walk, homestay, song-and-dance cultural show, traditional cuisine and more.  With over 180 experiences across Australia, your transformational experience connects you with the people that know their land best.

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There really is truly nothing like Australia.  If you’re planning to go the distance, all the way to Australia, your vacation must be exceptional and we will provide nothing less.  There’s nothing we wouldn’t do to make your vacationing dreams come true in Australia.  Considered to be the bread-and-butter of the many products we sell, many of the Destination Specialists here at Downunder Travel are also Certified Premier Aussie Specialists.  This means, we have direct contact with suppliers, hotel chains and major airlines to get our travellers some of the best in prices, airfares and overall experiences, making us a unique service you can’t find on any online trip-selling website.  We often visit the Great Down Under area several times a year to ensure we are well-versed in all things Aussie.  What’s more, in addition to our staff being Aussie Specialists, many of our staff have lived in this country as well – either from birth or have lived in here for a period of time due to school or work – adding to the authenticity of the services we provide for clients. 

Often times, clients will approach us with their own visions of the kind of vacation they’re looking for during the early planning stages of their holidays, and our true quality shines through in our service and in-depth knowledge of the country and the assistance we provide in making their dreams become a reality such as The Australian Open and so much more including transfers between destinations, with plenty of downtime in between so you’re not rushed and you can enjoy your travels with ease and comfort.  We take care of every customized schedule from end-to-end, seamlessly, so you don’t have to worry about how everything will come together; that is the beauty of working with an expert in this region. 

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Plan your Australian vacation with us and see for yourself why there’s no place on earth like Australia. From nature and wildlife adventures to aquatic and coastal experiences and gourmet food and dining excursions, there will always be something exciting that awaits you in Australia!

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