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Due to the strategic position of the South Korean Peninsula, it has been subject to invasion, liberation and occupancy throughout history. In more recent times, the Korean War lasted 3 years and created the now border between North Korea & South Korea. Both countries wish for unification of the Korea’s, but it is yet to be worked out. 

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Seoul, the capital city of South Korea is over 2000 years old.  It has a population of around 10 million.  Situated on the Han River and surrounded by hills & mountains.  In 2015, Seoul was rated the world’s most liveable city.  Despite the 10 million people living in high intensity conditions, Seoul is an extremely clean city. 

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South Korea’s climate is a typical North American climate, similar to Vancouver….however, being so closely located to Siberia, they can sometimes be affected by the Siberian winter winds bringing temperatures down as low as -20c.  Four distinct seasons, Winter, Spring,  Summer & Autumn. 

South Korea’s various Dynasty’s over the last 2000 years, has left behind a rich cultural experience for tourists. Beautiful Temples, Statues, Villages and Palaces are dotted around the country. 

Cherry Blossoms are in abundance and very popular in the early Spring (April). South Korea is known for being a tech giant with companies such as Samsung & LG among many others forging the future of our technological world. 

The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) is a very popular tourist attraction. This is the South Korean side of the border with North Korea where tourists can not only peer into North Korea, but also explore the tunnels that were dug by the North Koreans in hope of a surprise invasion of South Korea, which failed. Further a field the JSA (Joint Security Area) offers tourists a look into the epicentre of the North/South Korea Border. The neutral ground where heads of each country can meet to discuss relations without fear. 

Namedenong Market is the biggest market in Seoul for which one can purchase almost everything from clothing, purses, food, souvenirs and even dogs clothing. 

South Korea is the home of modern day Tae Kwon Do, which also hold the title as South Korea’s National Sport.  The Kukkiwon located in Seoul is the head quarters of Tae Kwon Do.  Tae Kwon Do emerged and rose up between 1950 and 1970 to become the world’s most popular Martial Art, and remains so today.

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Home of the modern day recreational activity of Taekwondo, which is also known as the country’s national sport, South Korea is popular destination to visit among tourists worldwide.  From the vibrant capital city of Seoul to the historical city of Gyeong ju with its ancient temples and onto the Jeju Island known for its resorts, beach getaways, hiking trails and its dormant volcano, there is much to discover and explore in South Korea.

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