During the second half of September 2023, my wife and I toured Eastern Australia. The entire design of the itinerary as well as the complete booking of flights, lodging, airport transfers and local activities was done by Downunder Travel, specifically Stephanie Delaney, a highly professional travel specialist. Her outstanding work provided us with an intense, complete and absolutely exhilarating immersion in the marvelous country that is Australia. From the spectacular cliffs and rock formations along the Great Ocean Road in the South to the tropical forest experience and the unforgettable snorkeling over the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland and the touring of Sydney and its unique city and harbor landscape by day and by night, these two weeks will stay in our memory for as long as we shall live. The choice of suppliers for the different local activities was outstanding, without exception they were excellent and fulfilled their respective vouchers at perfection, which deepened further our entire experience and knowledge about the entire eastern part of the Australian continent. As one can imagine, such an intense trip had its moments of difficulty, during which Stephanie and here team provided their support in a 24/7 manner, allowing us to stay comfortable and enjoy in full this extraordinary experience. To anyone who enjoys discovering a country in an intense and spectacular manner and as a seasoned traveler since more than 50 years in four continents, I strongly recommend using the services of Downunder Travel when touring an area of the world they are specialized in. I end this review on a personal note, addressing my great thanks to Stephanie for her service and patience with us, the memories we acquired will lighten our lives for the remaining of them.