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Stepping into the world of travel was a family affair for me, inspired by my adventurous mom. Following her path, I graduated in Travel and Tourism, specializing in Adventure and Eco-tourism. From my first solo journey exploring Costa Rica to marvelling at the pyramids in Egypt, my passion for immersive travel experiences took flight.

My mom, my most trusted travel companion, has inspired me as we traverse the globe, constantly pushing boundaries and embracing new adventures together. 

Expertise and Skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of adventure and eco-tourism, focusing on immersive travel experiences.
  • I specialize in crafting journeys beyond sightseeing and embracing local cultures and unique activities.
  • Adept at planning trips that cater to various preferences, from adrenaline-pumping adventures to serene wine tastings.
  • Personalized touch in creating itineraries inspired by a genuine love for diverse cultures and landscapes.

Experience & Personal Travel:

From solo journeys in Costa Rica to living my dream in Australia during a gap year, my travels have been a kaleidoscope of experiences. Jumping out of a plane in the skies of Australia, sleeping under the stars in a swag, and exploring Southern Africa are just a few chapters of my ongoing adventure.

Personal Mission:

As a seasoned travel specialist, my expertise combines thrilling adventures like skydiving in Australia with enriching cultural experiences, from cooking classes in Asia to wine tastings in Europe. I strive to push the boundaries of travel, offering personalized itineraries that reflect my extensive firsthand experiences and passion for exploring the world's hidden gems. I aim to inspire and guide my clients towards extraordinary, life-changing travel experiences.


Ready to embark on your next adventure? Connect with me at, and let's design a journey beyond the ordinary.

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