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Since my teen years, travel has been a defining passion, first taking shape during a year-long student exchange in Japan. My journey came full circle after working in travel, teaching English in Japan, and starting a family that has frequently moved between Canada and Australia, enriching our lives with holidays around the world. This deep love for travel drew me back into the industry with Downunder Travel, where I thrive on designing unforgettable holiday experiences for others to create lasting memories just as I have.

Expertise and Skills:

  • Rich personal experience in international travel and cultural immersion.
  • Specialized knowledge of both Australian and Japanese destinations, cultures, and travel logistics.
  • Expertise in family travel planning and understanding family trips' unique needs and dynamics.
  • Proficient in crafting personalized, memorable holiday plans for diverse client needs.

Experience & Personal Travel:

My travel experiences are deeply personal, from my youth in Japan to diverse holiday destinations with my family. My journey has been enriched by each move between Canada and Australia and every trip we've taken. These personal anecdotes drive my passion for creating similar joy-filled travel stories for my clients.

Personal Mission:

My mission is to channel my passion for exploring diverse cultures in my travels into crafting tailored travel experiences at Downunder Travel, helping others discover the joy of creating their global memories.


Ready to craft your own unforgettable memories? I'd love to lend my passion and expertise to your travel dreams. Reach me at, and we'll create your perfect journey together.

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