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Hello! I am Ryan. I’ve been in the travel world for over 15 years, creating customized South Pacific itineraries for all types of travelers and travel styles. I’ve had the opportunity to travel all throughout Australia, New Zealand as well as explore many beautiful and exotic Islands along the way.

Expertise and Skills:

With my diverse personal and professional travel experiences, he brings to each client:

  • Attention to Detail – I understand the importance of getting the little things right, and believe in building experiences rather than just ticking boxes.
  • Rich Travel Knowledge – With travels across Australia, New Zealand, and more, I've got insider tips for you.
  • Strong Network – I’ve cultivated his many relationships within the travel industry with loyalty, care and respect, which are transferred over to my clients from the many tour companies, airlines, and partners I work with.

Experience & Personal Travel:

I've wandered through places like Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, French Polynesia, and Thailand. These personal travels help me guide you more authentically.

Most Unforgettable Travel Experience:

My most memorable trips take place in the Cook Islands. Not only are the islands filled with stunning landscapes and surrounded by sparkling waters, but the people make the experience all the better. While riding around Rarotonga on a scooter, enjoying the freedom it gave me, I had the opportunity to meet many of the locals. They welcomed me with open arms and were excited to show me their culture and cuisine. I was even invited to a local wedding! There are many activities to choose from when you visit the Cook Islands, but the one you should never pass up is getting to know the local people and experiencing the island's way of life.

Personal Mission:

My open and friendly nature makes collaborating and designing travel fun and engaging. I always strive to ensure my clients are experiencing the best their chosen destination has to offer!

Client Reviews:

“We definitely recommend Ryan and Downunder travel"

“We are very pleased that Downunder Travel helped us plan our memorable and special first trip to Australia. Ryan understood exactly what we wanted to see and experience and booked our flights, hotels, transfers and small group tours. When we had a medical emergency three days into our trip, the Australia contact was available 24/7 to assist us in altering hotel reservations and tours to enable us to continue our trip.We definitely recommend Ryan and Downunder travel and we hope to use their services again when we plan a future trip to New Zealand."

“Ryan was very knowledgeable, professional and honest"

“Ryan Kennedy was our travel specialist and advisor with Downunder Travel. He did incredible work to give us an unforgettable trip to New Zealand and Australia! He worked with my husband to figure out what we wanted to experience and then worked it into the budget we set out. Ryan was very knowledgeable, professional and honest with our travel concerns and queries.

After the package was complete you are sent an itinerary with essential and helpful tips on the weather, trading hours, safe traveling and touring options to name a few. There is a contact person whom works for this company in the place you are traveling so can get timely assistance if you run into any trouble.

Would highly recommend Ryan and Downunder travel agency! Finding both were godsent since we really had limited experience but a huge desire to travel to New Zealand and Australia!"


Looking to craft a memorable journey? I'm here to guide you. Reach out to me at and let's embark on your next great adventure together.

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