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What I love most about travelling the world are the experiences that bring you true joy. Where life makes you stop for a moment – soaking in that fresh ocean air, taking a deep breath – feeling the sand beneath your feet, watching the waves as they swiftly erase your footprints.

As a travel enthusiast passionate about food, my journey down Australia's East Coast was a feast for the senses — from the untouched beauty of Byron Bay to the vibrant city life of Sydney and Melbourne and the awe-inspiring skyline of the Gold Coast.

Expertise and Skills:

  • Profound knowledge of diverse destinations, with a particular affinity for coastal regions and culinary delights.
  • Customizing travel experiences that resonate personally, focusing on immersive cultural and culinary endeavors.
  • Adept at navigating the complexities of modern travel, from regulations to accommodations.
  • Passion for food that transcends borders, enhancing travel itineraries with a unique TASTE for adventures.

Experience & Personal Travel:

My passport is one of my most treasured possessions, stamped with memories from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, India, and Hong Kong. Each journey has been a step towards global citizenship, understanding, and a palate that knows no boundaries.

Most Unforgettable Travel Experience

My most unforgettable travel experience would have to be travelling to Australia in December. Leaving the cold Canadian winter behind and spending the Holidays in the warmth of Australia’s summer. The ultimate backdrop for a road trip, driving down the coast from Brisbane to Melbourne. Exploring the coast and spending Christmas day on the beautiful white sand beaches of Jervis Bay. Truly unforgettable!

Personal Mission:

I seek to blend my love for travel and food, guiding others to destinations that not only satiate their wanderlust but also their taste buds. Every trip planned is a story waiting to be told, a dish waiting to be tried, and a memory waiting to be made.


Are you ready for a journey that indulges all your senses? Reach out to me at, and together, we’ll craft your perfect travel menu.

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