2019 Must-Have Travel Apps!

Published: December 21, 2018.
Written by: Ryan - Destination Specialist, Toronto

It’s more than just Instagram and Uber, apps we use when we’re travelling need to help us out when we’re in the planning stages of our vacation, right through to decisions about certain attractions that are within our vicinity on a free-day during our vacation. If you’re travelling all the way to Australia, Fiji or even Taiwan, these are lengthy trips that require much preparation.

There is always need for smartphone apps and so here are my top five picks for 2019:

  1. PackPoint App – Packing your suitcase, and figuring out what you need for the duration of your stay, can be the toughest part of your travel experience.  Visiting the South Pacific or Asia usually means lengthy stays with varying activities or excursions lined up, as well as varying weather conditions. Essentially, this app will help you organize what you’ll need in your suitcase based on the length of your trip, the destination’s weather or climate (especially if you’re visiting multiple countries or cities!), and of course any activities you have planned for your trip.  It will help those who often forget
  2. OpenSignal App – The last thing you’d want to deal with while on holidays is trying to figure out where the nearest free wi-fi hub is.  This app contains a world map, with crowdsourced information from users, illustrating where the nearest location is offering free wi-fi as well as stats on download/upload speeds, how well the network functions, or its availability and so on.
  3. Binaural Beats App – Long flight ahead?  Full schedule of excursions, tours and sightseeing the next day and you need to fall asleep early the night before?  This app offers a series of repetitive sounds such as rain or various beats that can help you meditate, fall sleep and reduce anxiety.  You choose the sound frequency based on what you need and the app will do its thing.  You can also set timers on it in the event you fall asleep, so you won’t have to worry about the app playing all night.  Goes without saying, please don’t play this when driving!
  4. Timeshifter App – Cook Islands is on the same timezone as Hawaii, but New Zealand is around 22 hours ahead of The Cooks.  If you’re visiting multiple locations it can be difficult to keep track of the time changes and adjusting appropriately.  This app aims to help ease the jetlag.  You’d have to enter in your flight details, your various destination(s) of course and general sleeping patterns as well as personal preferences and the app then produces a customized plan to help you fend off jetlag.
  5. Google Lens – Using your phone’s camera, this app is able to detect the world around you, literally.  From understanding plant species as well as dog breeds, as well as information on certain landmarks when you’re on the go like it’s history or ratings – perfect when travelling! – using this app can help with obtaining information from various items around you, while on the go!

I travel quite a bit for work and since I am constantly on the go, these applications can come in handy and help alleviate any anxiety I may have.

Written by: Ryan (Destination Specialist)

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