3 Essential Reasons to Book Your Trip with A Travel Agent

Published: January 8, 2020.
Written by: Angie - Office & Ticketing Manager, Calgary

Yes, you can book travel yourself so why would you ever need a Travel Agent? There are so many benefits to booking your next holiday destination with a Travel Agency which you probably never thought of so here they are.

1. Time-Saving

Your life is busy, you have a job, perhaps a family, and plenty of responsibilities, so do you really have time to spend days or even weeks searching the internet for information on travel? You have decided where you want to go but knowing the intricate details of a specific location requires time. You need a Travel Specialist.

How does your Travel Specialist save you time both before and during your vacation?

Your Travel Specialist has the inside scoop. He/she has been on many trips abroad on different airlines and stayed in a variety of locations. A Travel Specialist know the territory. Sure, you could just stay in the city centre of each metropolis you are visiting and do what every other traveller does, but your Travel Specialist will be able to guide you to the hidden gems within each location.

Instead of spending weeks trying to figure out where the best accommodation is, ask your Travel Specialist. Providing your budget, preferred dates of travel and preferences of hotel or resort will help your agent know exactly what you want. He/she can provide first-hand advice about several options and could save you from sleeping next to a busy rail station. Simply put, your Travel Agent knows their way around so you can rely on their advice.

Get the honest opinion of your Travel Agent who might even have partaken in the activity you are interested in. First-hand knowledge is always better than guessing about whether or not a specific full-day tour is of value. You don’t want to end up wasting an entire day of your vacation on something you thought would be great but ended up as a bad choice. Always get your Travel Agent’s professional opinion when planning your vacation and save your time for choosing which shoes and clothes to pack.

2. Details

Details are key especially when travelling to a foreign country. You want to be aware of the important local customs and regulations as well as any required documentation you might need before entering. Some required documentation can include anything from a travel visa to visit Australia to vaccinations before you venture into Asia.

Some laws in other countries are very different than your own such as spitting your gum out on the street in Singapore which can land you in jail.

Why can’t you just research the internet to find out what you need to know before you leave?

While the internet can help in many ways, there are new rules that come out every day and are not necessarily published right away. A Travel Agent’s job is to be up to date on all of the rules and regulations governing travel to various locations in the world. They will often have up to date knowledge before it is public so it is best to check with a Travel Specialist on anything you might be missing before you fly away.

It would be awful to find yourself at the airport without the proper information or documents on hand and get sent home because of this, or worse yet, get a huge fine for being unaware of the local regulations. Your Travel Agent can check all the small details before you leave for your trip so you can have an epically amazing time on your vacation.

3. Discounts

Your Travel Agent might be able to get you better flight deals or cheaper rates at hotels. How? Since a Travel Agent has a lot of connections, these connections allow them to negotiate amazing contracts on behalf of their client. Packaged deals including air, accommodation and tours can often save you money. What is better than a vacation under budget!?

What is another way you can save by using a Travel Agent?

Save the hassle. What if something goes wrong during your flight, or there is a sudden change in your itinerary? Your Travel Specialist is your point of contact and can quickly help you out of a tricky situation. If you have a question or concern about something during your trip, again, contact your Travel Specialist and they will help rectify any problems. You are on vacation to relax so why not book everything with your Travel Specialist who can provide you with peace of mind and make sure everything runs like clockwork.

Working with a Travel Agent really can save your vacation from mishaps!

Fly through the booking of your next trip by allowing a Travel Agency to take weeks of researching the web off your list. All you need to do is tell your Travel Specialist where you want to go, when, and what you most want to see; their experience will help guide you, perhaps into an awesome adventure you were not even aware of.