4 Exciting Moments to Have on New Zealand’s North Island

Published: October 24, 2019.
Written by: Melissa - National Marketing Manager, Toronto

The North Island of New Zealand is full of adventure. It is home to the country’s largest city, Auckland, so there is a wide array of things to do for every personality. Are you ready to take off and explore this beautiful space?

1. Visit Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand is surrounded by stunning harbours and thus is known as The City of Sails. Take to the open seas in a sailboat that will allow you to breathe in the beauty of New Zealand. You can sail right under the Harbour Bridge and even have a picnic on the water.

Depending on which port you want to take off from, each has its unique qualities ranging from indulgent dining and wine sampling to volcanic rocks and breathtaking promenades. Are you trying to decide which option you should choose? Take it ALL in, after all, this is your adventure. Auckland is an experience not to be missed!

2. Waitomo Caves

Have you ever wanted to see glow worms? Now’s your chance! Venture to the village of Waitomo for a guided walk or boat tour that will get you up close and personal with these magnificent little creatures. The vast network of underground caves offers beautiful waterfalls as well as this luminous spectacle.

You will be dreaming of magical dreams after your mesmerizing experience at Waitomo. Take in all of the beauty within these limestone caves, and don’t forget to snap some great photos! Where to next?

3. Waikato Countryside

Are you a fan of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings? Guess what? You can trek through the very same open fields that Frodo and his friends ventured through in the natural, charming countryside of Waikato.

Get right into the movie scenes with your very own tour of Hobbiton™ Movie Set. You can have a pint of Southfarthing ale in the Green Dragon Inn before ending up at your very own Hobbit home. Enjoy the many stories of how Hobbiton came to be and prepare your tale to tell when you return home. Adventure awaits you so enter the Shire, my precious.

4. Bay of Plenty

Stretching 260 km, the Bay of Plenty is the ideal quiet getaway. Some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country are found here. Spend the day soaking up the sun and relaxing in one of the sunniest places in New Zealand. Thirsty for some local drinks? Enjoy delicious cocktails made with fresh kiwis while visiting White Island, the only active marine volcano in the country. Is your interest sparked? Venture on a tour that brings you up close and personal to the heat from the churning sulphuric acid inside the volcano.

Bay of Plenty definitely has plenty for you to do. With watersports, hiking, and sightseeing, you’ll be sure to find an activity that suits your style.

Your New Zealand moments await so get your bags packed and go! It’s time for you to venture into one of the most exciting journeys of your life.