5 Beaches in Taiwan

Published: April 11, 2019.
Written by: Jane - Destination Specialist, Vancouver

The island of Taiwan may be small, but there are many beaches and aquatic regions like lakes and waterfalls to discover and enjoy a little coastal getaway.  Here are some of my picks:

  1. Baishawan Beach – The half-moon shaped beach at Taiwan’s northeast cost is a great place to enjoy various aquatic activities like surfing!  Other than quaint cases and shops, guests can also engage in various activities from cycling, sightseeing and hiking.
  2. Kenting Region – Enjoy the region’s mountainous backdrop, the white-sand beaches that line the park and the many caves and lush greenery.  Rent a motorbike or scooter and bike around the main roads of Kenting or along the surrounding beaches.  Make a visit to the old Eluanbi Lighthouse, built in the late 1800s, or scubadive in Kenting’s coast with its large variety of corals and colourful fish.
  3. Taoyuan Municipality – From a lakeside mausoleum of the Late President Chiang to an above-forest skywalk for incredible views of lush greenery and waterfalls from above, the first of its kind in Taiwan.  You can also visit Longtan Lake in this region, a pool of water with a Buddhist temple perched up in the lake’s centre.
  4. Xiaoyeliu Area – A natural playground, enjoy the coastal area with its many unusually-shaped rock formations.  Be sure to visit the geological exhibition hall for information on these spectacular formations made out of sea erosion.  Be sure to try some of the most freshest seafood at Fugang Harbor!  The Fugang Port is also where you can catch a ferry to Green Island for a heavenly island paradise!
  5. Gongliao District – Enjoy stretches of golden-sand beaches (a rarity in Taiwan!) of Fulong Beach, visit the charming, narrow old street of Jiufen for a snapshot of history as well as views of both the mountains and sea and finally, be sure to take brisk walk toward the Bitoujiao Lighthouse, an old watchtower built in the late 1800s.

Written by: Jane (Destination Specialist)
– I’ve recently travelled to Taiwan and I enjoyed my time there greatly.  There is much to experience; the food is delicious and the historical and cultural sites, and temples, are awe-inspiring!

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