Best Retreats for Every Camper in South Australia

Published: August 24, 2020.
Written by: Nikki - Destination Specialist, Calgary

From cozy nature retreats to rugged lakes near million-year-old landscapes… there’s an outdoor retreat for campers of every kind.  If you enjoy being surrounded by quiet, peaceful nature we’ve got some great camp site suggestions.  Even if you enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, but prefer all the creature comforts of home, glamping might be a great option for you. For travellers looking for that real “Artisan Australian” experience; the Australia that includes the best in wildlife, gourmet food & wine and breathtaking outback scenery, staying in South Australia is definitely worth adding to your travel itinerary.  We’ve rounded up some of our best camping experiences (and locations) within the state:


1. For the paradise-seeker – If you’re looking for campgrounds that aren’t far from a stunning beach, hop on the ferry from mainland South Australia to Kangaroo Island!  The island is the perfect place to be up close to native wildlife.  Enjoy walking along secluded beaches like Vivonne Bay and check out some natural wonders on the island like Remarkable Rocks or Flinders Chase National Park, home to many endangered animal species, brilliant wild flowers and spectacular views over the Southern Ocean.  Another great must-see is the Cape Willoughby Heritage Lighthouse, situated at the most eastern part of the island while offering exceptional panoramic views over the coastline.  We recommend pitching a tent, or parking your caravan, along Emu Bay’s long and stunning white sandy beach.


2. For the Glamper – If you’re the camper who also prefers some of the comforts of home and fine wine and food, then camping in the Limestone Coast with its scenic campgrounds with luxurious tents set alongside some of Australia’s famed wineries could be for you. The region is a 500km drive between two major cities, Adelaide and Melbourne.  In addition to being Australia’s top producer of premium red wines, a prime reason guests travel there, the Limestone Coast is known for gourmet foods such as honey, pickled walnuts, lobsters and Wagyu beef.  Great spot to eat and buy authentic local food—so you don’t have to worry about roasting marshmellows every day during your stay.  Where to stay: Bellweather Wines Campground, Luxe Camping Mount Gambier


3. For the Off-The-Beaten Track Seeker – Looking for something different than the usual tent-on-campground?  There are a variety of parks in Eyre Penninsula region, such as the Gawler Ranges National Park, an ancient landscape with volcanic domes, rugged rock formations, red soil and distinctive crevices that are millions of years old.  Wander through its deep gorges or visit The Ranges, commonly known as the ‘Organ Pipes’. Alternatively, you can camp in an underground “dug-out” (below ground residences in the Outback as a way to combat the desert heat) in Coober Pedy.  Coober Pedy is an entire town, in an isolated area in the Outback, that’s entirely underground—definitely an ‘Instagrammable’ experience to have!  Where to stay: Gawler Ranges National Park Campground, Ribas Underground Campground


4. For the Cultural-Seeker – Camping in outback-y regions like the Flinders Ranges gets travellers to ancient mountain ranges that span about 100 kilometres.  Wilpena Pound in particular is home to the home to Adnyamathanha people, and has been for tens of thousands of years—try a guided bushwalk tour to capture this spectacular area, while also being part of an authentic cultural experience. You can either climb the ridge in the early morning and watch the sun rise over the pound or embark on a scenic flight over the wondrous landscapes.  Where to stay: Wilpena Pound Resort, Cooinda Campground


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