Moms Deserves a Getaway! Unique Travel Gifts for Mother’s Day

Published: May 6, 2024.
Written by: Jason - Destination Specialist, Calgary

Mother’s Day is a special day to show appreciation for the incredible women who raised us, nurtured us, and supported us throughout our lives. This year, consider giving your Mom the gift of travel along with her well-deserved flowers and chocolates!

Travelling is a fantastic way to create lasting memories and experiences with loved ones. It allows you to explore new destinations, cultures, and cuisines and can be a great way to relax and unwind. A travel package is a perfect gift for a mom who deserves a break from the everyday stresses of life.

Here are a few trip ideas from the Cook Islands, Fiji, or Tahiti to gift your Mom on Mother’s Day. Better yet, accompany her to these destinations to create priceless memories together!

A Trip to the Cook Islands


Visit the Cook Islands to experience the pristine beauty of the South Pacific. This trip includes time in Rarotonga and Aitutaki, where you can enjoy stunning lagoons and intimate cultural encounters.

Rarotonga is the heartbeat and gateway to the Cook Islands. This compact paradise is just 32km in circumference, has a lush mountainous interior, and is decorated by reefs, beaches, and lagoons. Aside from water activities, you can also enjoy local culture at markets on Saturdays. There are no traffic lights, McDonalds or tall buildings; it really is like stepping back in time to what Hawaii was like long ago. – and uncrowded!

Aitutaki is a mini paradise. It is a short flight from Rarotonga, with a population of approximately 1800 people, and boosts one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons.

Totally secluded, the 15 motus (islets) sprinkled across this turquoise lagoon make this the ultimate romantic escape.

A Fiji Getaway Vacation

Fiji Island Cruising

Treat her to a dream vacation in Fiji. Our getaway sale makes it the perfect time to explore its exquisite beaches, friendly villages, and vibrant local culture.

With 333 islands, Fiji is one of the world’s hidden gems and a perfect destination for anyone seeking a tropical hideaway. Enjoy the natural beauty, and rich culture and discover for yourself why Fiji is referred to as a place ‘Where Happiness Comes Naturally’. Stay at Nalamu Beach on the west coast of Fiji’s main island. Legend has it that this is where the first Fijians stepped ashore. Your laid-back resort is close to Vuda Point Marina and Lautoka town, and local Hot Springs and Mud Pools are nearby. It won’t take you and your mothers long to adjust to holiday mode, Fiji style!

Tahiti Stopover

Tahiti Stopover

Indulge in a luxurious stopover trip to Tahiti. This package offers a chance to unwind in an idyllic setting with world-class spas and breathtaking landscapes.

This taste of tropical paradise is a quick island stopover, your first stop before exploring more of the region or a pre or post-cruise stay. Tahiti is the largest island and is made up of two volcanic cones. It has a rugged, mountainous interior fringed by reefs, lagoons and secluded black sand beaches. From here, you can learn about the local culture and history, visit museums and local markets, hike, surf, visit the nearby island of Moorea and enjoy local cuisine at the island’s restaurants or perhaps the waterfront food trucks.

Create Unforgettable Memories For Mother’s Day

Have a different trip in mind for your Mom? As Destination Experts, we specialize in crafting personalized travel itineraries for the South Pacific, African safaris, and Southeast Asia. Our goal is to create a bespoke itinerary that caters to your specific interests, must-do experiences, and preferred activities.

We welcome you to share your travel wishes for your Mom, request a quote, and allow us to build an exceptional vacation that exceeds your expectations. We have the expertise to handle any complexity of travel plans. Contact us and let us help you build the trip of a lifetime to gift your Mom for Mother’s Day!