Five Ways to Travel—While Dreaming of Travel from Home

Published: April 23, 2020.
Written by: Stephanie - Destination Specialist, Toronto

Here are 5 ways to travel:

1. Take a nice stroll

While it’s good for your physical and mental health to go out for regular walks – while maintaining proper social distancing practices! – what we’re talking about here is the beauty and fun of virtual walks! ‘Walk’ along the beaches of the Cook Islands, the docks of Bora Bora’s overwater bungalows, the harbours of Auckland and Sydney …and beyond! You can explore many of your much-loved holiday regions, or discover new places, easily via your computer or smartphone using Google Maps and simply entering a country, region, city or even street name.

2. Virtually tour some iconic landmarks and museums

There are a variety of virtual experiences that exist online and they continue to become available nearly every day as we’re all cooped up at home. This is an excellent way to be up close to many sought-after locations. Here are a few we’ve found:

3. Read books on your favourite travel locations

Explore your dream destination by learning about its history and culture or you can read a fiction novel that is set in your next holiday region. You can also read up on recipes and learn to make the Cook Islands’ Ika Mata, the Tahitian Poisson Cru or make the Australian Fairy Bread; there are so many recipes to try and enjoy during our downtime. Explore your favourite South Pacific travel destinations by making dishes that make you feel like a local in your dream destination (or bring back fantastic vacation memories!).

4. Host a beach-themed day!

Put on your sunnies, your housecoat and flip flops, blare some fun music that reminds you of summertime or your next travel hot spot (we’re listening to this Tahiti Island Spotify channel), and host a small party with your housemates! Make your beach day truly memorably by learning a traditional Polynesian dance or follow this video tutorial on how to tie a sarong.  You can also host a virtual party and great creative with applications like Zoom, where you have the ability to change the background to a destination of your choice – try one of these fun Australian backdrops designed just for Zoom!

5. Plan ahead with your Destination Specialist

We welcome our travellers reaching out to us – by phone, e-mail or via a video meeting – to discuss some travel ideas or have one of us arrange a vacation itinerary together on future travels (you do not need to have a travel date yet). While we may not be able to travel at this time, there is no reason why we can’t keep dreaming about future travels! Contact us today to get the discussion going on vacations for late 2020 or 2021.