French Polynesia – More than a Honeymoon Destination

Published: July 24, 2019.
Written by: Lori - Destination Specialist, Vancouver

Just hearing the words “French Polynesia” will make your mind conjure up romantic images.

You picture strolling hand-in-hand with your significant other alongside one of the most gorgeous blue lagoons in the world. Of course, while this beautiful destination is ideal for couples, there is so much to do, making it the perfect spot for travelling with friends or family too.

The laid-back Tahitian island experience is ideal for a trip with all your loved ones. When you are unable to delve into fast-paced adventures with children by your side, take in the slow Polynesian experience as you breathe in the scents of sand and water.

Art at Its Best

French Polynesia is alive with history and its art tells stories of ancient Polynesia. You can even find rousing new modern works to take in. So, what are some of the museums you should visit?

Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands

Venturing into this museum, you will be captivated by collections of carvings detailing the historic life of the Polynesian people. Considered one of the best museums in the entire South Pacific, you will appreciate both the raw art and the inspiration of generations. You can learn, along with your children, about the arrival of the Europeans in French Polynesia. There is an entire section dedicated to the Polynesian history and its early explorers.

Manua Exquisite Tahitian Art

If you are looking for a different style of art, perhaps something more modern, check out the Manua museum. Here you can discover paintings by local artists encompassing many different styles. Not only is the art exquisite but the location is as well, being right on the waterfront.

French Polynesia is Hikers Paradise

Do you want to take in Mother Nature’s true art? Why not go on a beautiful hike with your friends? French Polynesia offers some of the world’s most picturesque trails. Tahiti has an incredible 220 valleys and a dozen tributaries to explore. You might even discover an unknown hillside leading you to an amazing blue waterfall. You will likely run into hikers from near and far, taking on the adventures of this land. Be prepared to experience some life-changing vistas.


Faraura is a hike with water features exposing four breathtaking waterfalls to take the perfect pictures by. You can relax in the breeze, feeling the splash of water at your side, a welcoming break from the heat after your journey to the falls.

Te Faaiti

If you want to visit the territorial park of French Polynesia, take the Te Faaiti hike right through this land. Te Faaiti means small valley and it is here where the river flows before it empties into the ocean. Leap from one of several jumping ledges into your magical paradise. This epic hike exposes nature at its finest.

As you will see, French Polynesia is charming for many reasons so be sure to experience all it has to offer no matter who you are vacationing with. If you need more insight into the particulars of your next adventure, travel specialists at Downunder Travel can help you.

Written by: Lori (Destination Specialist)

More than just stunning beaches and clear lagoons let me help you experience the very best of French Polynesia through art and nature!

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