Is it better To Cruise or Hire a Private Yacht in Tahiti?

Published: July 9, 2019.
Written by: Stephanie - Destination Specialist, Toronto

Many travellers enjoy visiting French Polynesia for its myriad of aquatic activities.  While guests enjoy luxury cruising where everything, from meals to some excursions, is included, yachting provides a type of privacy and exclusivity – you have a private chef on board! – taking the definition of luxury to a whole new level.


Why should I hire a private yacht?


  • Go at any time – you can start any day of the year; there isn’t a set departure, you won’t wait in long lineups to board and the itinerary is completely flexible. Worry about being late and missing the boat?  NEVER on your own private yacht.
  • The private chef experiences – is there a lot to eat on a cruise? Absolutely, we don’t doubt that there’s plenty of food on board a cruise.  But do you know what a yacht provides? Gourmet meals that are specially prepared to meet guest preferences, dietary restrictions, and of course preferred meal times.  Again, why wait in line on a cruise buffet when you can eat when you want and have a delectable meal created right before you and your party.  From hors d’oeuvres, snacks, beverages and onboard premium bar, you can have these experiences included in your voyage!
  • What about water sports? You bet.  A variety of non-motorized watersports from paddle boards to kayaks, snorkel gear, tow tube, fishing gear and more are included in your yacht and are available for only you and your party to use!
  • Can we still go where the big ships go? Sure you can.  However, the beauty of a small yacht is you can essentially anchor anywhere within the islands.  Going on a cruise means there is a limited number of ports of call… and a limited time to see the island and return to the boat.  Don’t forget to capture and share your unique experiences using the boat’s free WiFi service.


Do I need a boating license? 


Absolutely not.  You can have an all-inclusive crewed yacht charter – with a captain & gourmet chef – and exclusively customized to suit your needs to create the most memorable and inspiring experiences of French Polynesia.  Having a ‘local skipper’ on board is great too as this person helps you and your party familiarize yourselves with the boat, its operations, and of course the surrounding areas as well as offering guidance on best islands in Tahiti to visit or some of the best places for dining.  It’s like travelling luxuriously with a local!


How much does it cost to hire a private all-inclusive crewed yacht?


You’d be surprised how comparable it is, if not better than a cruise, depending on how many travellers are in your group.  We’ve also got exclusive pricing with our partners. So any price that we propose – these are custom trips – is normally the best price you’ll receive.


Written By: Stephanie (Destination Specialist)