Really, Super Cool Things to Check Out in Wellington!

Published: December 21, 2018.
Written by: Jane - Destination Specialist, Vancouver

Having just returned from a lovely New Zealand trip, I revisited Wellington after several years and was struck by the awesome activities on offer!  From the Museum of New Zealand – Te Papa – to taking the cable car up to the Botanic Gardens for sunset, or enjoying the picturesque suburb of Kelburn, there are many terrific activities in this quaint little capitol city.

  1. Cable Car – As one of Wellington’s most popular tourist attractions, the iconic cable car is a must-do experience for those great city views from above!  At the top of the lookout, be sure to pop in to the Cable Car Museum – which holds a Category 2 Heritage Status – to see the original cable car as well as historic winding machinery.  As well, you can walk through the Wellington Botanic Garden, boasting 26 hectares of colourful floral displays, landscapes, exotic & native bush and more.
  2. Weta Studio tours – Offering film fans immersive filmmaking experiences, this is a movie-lover’s heaven as you’ll get to learn the history of movie-making alongside seeing the incredible props, weapons, creatures, vehicles and models on display!
  3. Visit Zealandia – Home to some of New Zealand’s most rare and extraordinary wildlife, Zealandia is a world-first protected sanctuary.  Nature lovers would enjoy a day (or night!) walking tour through the native forest.  Guided walks are available and look for the endangered Takahe.
  4. Te Papa Museum – This interactive national museum is known for its many visitor-centric experiences as it takes guests through exhibits featuring the nation’s art, culture, Maori history and science.  Te Papa offers daily tours including small group back of house tours, lectures, presentations, free events and entertainment that are fun, informative and engaging.
  5. Gourmet food & wine walking tours – Sample gelato, chocolate, fresh produce and more as you explore the capitol’s history, art and interesting architecture with a local tour guide.  Wellington is a Foodie’s heaven as it’s known worldwide for its culinary treasures, its craft beer coffee, its many vineyards close to the city… and a ton of cafes and restaurants!   Vibrant Cuba Street is worth a visit.

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Wellington is truly the little city that can!  It’s a city that is near and dear to my heart for the many activities, incredible coastal sights and landscapes, the liveliness… and the city’s many eats!

Written By: Jane (Destination Specialist)

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