Thailand’s Unique Discoveries!

Published: September 26, 2017.
Written by: Melissa - National Marketing Manager, Toronto

Thailand is a stunning country with a unique culture, much adventure and of course, its world-renowned spas!  But this country also ‘houses’ many little hidden gems to be discovered.  Here are some of my favourite cultural wonders in Thailand!

  1. A temple inside a cave – truly a Thailand wonder, the Phraya Nakhon cave hosts a throne in a tiny gold and green palace-like structure, in an often hard-to-reach location southwest of Bangkok!  It’s a mysterious wonder, but a gem to find within Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park.
  2. The White Temple – While Thailand has some of the most incredible architecture you’ll ever find, this special temple just outside of Chiang Rai takes the cake: it’s a unique design totally different from traditional Thai art in that it’s got popular culture characters such as Superman and Michael Jackson carved within its walls, in addition to Buddhist symbolism and teachings.
  3. Shopping, Shopping and more shopping! – From night market bazaars in Bangkok that appear to go on for miles (some with as many as 10,000 stalls!), to the floating markets offering fruits, veggies and other sweets; the opportunities to bring home unique souvenirs from local artisans and other one-of-a-kind items, through various shopping experiences, are endless!
  4. National Museum of Royal Barges – For 200 years, the Royal Barges have been a spectacular attraction with locals and tourists alike.  With over 50 gold-crafted wooden boats, decorated with royal symbolism, vivid colours, animals, gods and more; the collection of these royal high-quality vessels are a real marvel!
  5. Homestays with the locals – As an alternative to staying in hotels or resorts, being a guest in a small village, or on a farm for a few days, can really give you insight into the Thai culture and way of life.  From fishing to handicraft workshops and more, this is a way to experience authentic Thailand.

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I have always been a fan of travelling to new places, meeting people and experiencing a whole new culture.  Places like Thailand can offer travellers cultural insights they may not find anywhere else.

Written by: Nikki (Destination Specialist)

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