The Top 5 Destinations to Visit in New South Wales, Australia

Published: December 2, 2022.
Written by: Jason - Destination Specialist, Calgary

Did you know New South Wales (NSW) is Australia’s oldest state? Moreover, it’s also among the country’s most diverse. And the best part? Downunder Travel allows you to you can travel to New South Wales with our vacation packages from Canada! You can tour Australia in all its sun-drenched glory with a NSW visit.

However, you may wonder what the top destinations are in New South Wales. You can learn more about this captivating state with our attractions list. Keep reading for the best locations to visit during your New South Wales vacation.

1. Lord Howe Island

Listed as a World Heritage site, Lord Howe Island is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and serenity-seekers. Encircled by the most southern coral reef in the world, this stunning island is a few hundred kilometres off New South Wales’s north coast. Moreover, it’s shrouded in exclusivity as only 400 guests are allowed at any one time. Lord Howe surrounds numerous islets, which are fragments of an inactive volcano. Picturesque cliffs run across the rough shore; other island highlights are beautiful views, forests, and beaches.

2. The South Coast’s Beaches

If you enjoy rustic terrains, small towns, and beaches, you’ll fall in love with NSW’s South Coast. Extending from the southern fringe of Sydney to Victoria’s border, this territory boasts some of the state’s most gorgeous shores set against the Great Dividing Range’s opaque summits. With a year-round mild climate, this area is home to many rolling hills, pristine lakes, and forests bordering the coast. Moreover, many small holiday lodges are spread across the coast. Some of these offer excellent opportunities for beach water sports (surfing, swimming, snorkelling, fishing etc).

3. Byron Bay

To NSW’s north lies Byron Bay, a hotbed for surfers and nature lovers. This region offers wide stretches of glorious beaches that complement the ocean. Also, a wonderful hike through the Cape Byron Track brings you to Australia’s most eastward point. Here, you will find whales and dolphins frolicking in the waters. In the bush, you can visit Wollumbin National Park (a World Heritage site) with serene waterfalls and rainforests.

4. Coffs Harbour

Blessed with a year-round subtropical climate, Coffs Harbour is a treasured destination, offering fun and relaxation for the whole family. This charming town is renowned for its Big Banana, a tribute to the domestic banana-growing industry. Some of Coffs Harbour’s best activities involve the water. You can enjoy the sun on spacious beaches or fish and surf in the Pacific ocean, among other things. Moreover, 50 kilometers westward of Coffs Harbour lies Dorrigo National Park. This World Heritage site has stunning waterfalls and a rainforest, perfect for the New Age nature lover.

5. Sydney

One of the most captivating cities in the world, Sydney is NSW’s capital. Besides its outstanding festivals, museums, and restaurants, Sydney offers many fun activities. Amble along the beautiful flagstone streets of the historic Rocks area. Also, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Royal Botanic Gardens offer fantastic sights and experiences when you travel to New South Wales. Moreover, Sydney is renowned for its world-class beaches. You can enjoy the celebrated Bondi Beach, relax in tranquil waters at Balmoral, or surf at Manly.

Are You Ready to Travel to New South Wales?

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