Things You’ll Want To Do When You Are a Student Living in Australia

Published: November 3, 2018.
Written by: Andree - Destination Specialist, Calgary.

Australian Student Visa? Check.  School acceptance letter? Check. Student resident/place to live? Check. It looks like you’re all set to go, however, have you considered what you may need shortly after arrival?  From reading week travel plans to unique experiences, you want to make the best of your stay in Australia… since studying in the school’s library won’t be the only thing you do when you arrive.

  1. You’re going to want to travel within this massive country – Upon arrival, you’ll want to see and do so much.  Good thing the country has plenty of budget ways to get around.  From airlines (Jetstar) to camper rentals and bike rentals to get around, there are numerous ways to effectively see your school’s city surrounds and wider Australia affordably.  Make yourself at home, literally!
  2. You’ll want a job to help cover school, living costs and travel expenses – If you find yourself running low on money while you’re studying, websites or apps like and (as well as working your connections through your professors and peers you meet) can really help keep your funds afloat and make your stay longer and comfortable.  Note: research into what your student visa allows in terms of how many hours you can work per week and if you require a working holiday visa in addition to your student visa.
  3. You may want to know the Aussie ‘lingo’ – The English language is spoken in an abbreviated way and made, well, ‘cutsey’.  For instance, you’d say you’re putting ‘tomato sauce’ instead of ‘Ketchup’ on your burger; or ‘avo’ on bread instead of avocado; put on ‘sunnies’ when you visit the beach, instead of saying ‘sunglasses’.  Language is made simpler, refined and generally easier to throw into conversations with your colleagues.  You may even take this simplified speaking technique home with you upon your return!
  4. You’ll want to attend a local sports event – why not root for the team of your new home town?  Or perhaps check out cycling or sailing events, the Commonwealth Games or various uniquely-Australian events such as the Australian Open or the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race?  Australia is host to many internally-known sporting events and competitions.  When you’re staying long-term in Australia, live like a local and check out a city game or two!
  5. Organize your study break holiday travel plans – thinking about touring the country you temporarily call home?  Got some time off between semesters for travel?  How about visiting one of the neighboring South Pacific countries like Fiji or Samoa?  You can connect with your Destination Specialist who helped you plan your Australian visit to assist with lining up your travels and tours as well.

Written By: Andree (Destination Specialist)
– I believe there is something for every traveller when studying in Australia. Whether you’re a beachgoer, hiker, desert or rainforest explorer, or you love the city life and checking out local events – Australia is a destination that truly has it all!

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