Top 4 Festivals to Take Part in While Visiting South Korea

Published: September 11, 2019.
Written by: Melissa - National Marketing Manager, Toronto

Are you planning on travelling to South Korea? Do you love a great cultural event? This beautiful Asian land has many festivals year-round. What are some of the best, you ask?

1. Namwon Chunhyang Festival:

Held in Namwon in the springtime, this festival celebrates love. Namwon Chunhyang is based on the Korean folk character, Chunhyang. She showed devotion to her beloved by staying strong through their many hardships. This, perhaps, is likened to the strength within everyone.

The 4-day celebration can be experienced by young and old with traditional music performances, a beautiful love lamp parade, and a grandiose feast. You will feel happiness emoting from locals and tourists alike as you embrace your loved ones in the flower-scented spring air.

2. Boryeong Mud Festival:

During the second week of July, every year, the town of Boryeong comes alive and gets messy. Let go of your worries as you roll and splash around in some mud. The mud can even be a great skin cleanser before you wash it off in the crystal-clear sea.

One of South Korea’s most popular events, this festival is fun for all ages. It was originally started in the ‘90s to promote local mud-based products for cosmetic purposes. Who knew it would grow into such a well-known, must do, experience?

3. Seoul Lantern Festival:

Are you looking for a Fall festival? The first Friday of every November, you can feel all lit up inside as many lanterns light up the Cheonggyecheon zone of Seoul. This truly is a breathtaking sight.

This event is completely free. Outstanding life-size lanterns are created by artists from around the world as well as by local Koreans. There is even a lantern-making the contest as part of the event. The theme changes each year, making it a great activity for you to attend numerous times on your return visits to Seoul.

Don’t forget to make a special wish as your lantern floats gently up into the sky.

4. Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival:

Have you ever wanted to catch a fish with your bare hands? January in Hwacheon-gun is your chance to do so! Take part in truly feeling like a local by fishing, an activity many Koreans partake in every year. If fishing isn’t your thing, try ice racing in one of the competitions during the festival.

You can guess the theme of this celebration, so get icy and start gliding your way to the activity of your choice. If you prefer to be a spectator, you can do this as well. Bundle up in your warm jacket and enjoy the spectacle as others slide around on the ice for your entertainment and their delight.

The plethora of festivals in South Korea makes it one of the most intriguing, beautiful travel destinations. Ask a friendly team member at Downunder Travel to help book your next vacation so you can be on your way in no time.


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