Top 5 Places to Visit in Western Australia

Published: January 2, 2023.
Written by: Jason - Destination Specialist, Calgary

Western Australia is a region brimming with novel experiences. The largest of Australia’s states, this bulking landmass will spoil you with its stunning scenery and plentiful activities! And at Downunder Travel, our Western Australia vacation packages are designed to help you get the most out of your trip. But what can you expect from a Western Australia holiday?

Sure, our vacation packages from Canada offer many experiences. But what about the land itself? After all, Western Australia is renowned for its natural attractions and recreational pursuits! Keep reading to learn the top 5 places to visit in Western Australia!

1. Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a Western Australia gem. It’s among the most notable locations the state has to offer. This spectacular shoreline is supported by stunning red cliffs and extends for 22 kilometres. And with its turquoise waters and sweeping white sandy beaches, you can appreciate this paradise in all its tropical glory. Also, you can voyage all over the coast via camel; Cable Beach camel rides remain a top tourist activity in Western Australia.

2. Kings Park

A crown jewel of Perth (Western Australia’s largest city), Kings Park is a natural bushland that offers breathtaking beauty at every turn. If you need a breather from the busy city, Kings Park offers the respite you need to rejuvenate. The park is a major draw for visitors with its hiking trails, picnic areas, gorgeous vistas, and more. Further, Kings Park is among the world’s biggest inner-city parks. It is home to numerous bird and insect species and boasts lovely ponds spread throughout the gardens.

3. Jet Boat Outings to Horizontal Falls

Rough and isolated, the Kimberley Region is brimming with new experiences. One that stands head and shoulders above the rest is the jet boat ride through Horizontal Falls. Vibrant waves of up to 11 meters press through two narrow ravines to create this natural wonder. You can only experience this secluded attraction via an organized tour via jet boat or seaplane. The tours involve a water landing, a serving of freshly caught seafood, and a thrilling jet boat ride through the falls.

4. Fremantle

Exuding a new, boho type of energy, Fremantle draws many artistic, innovative types. Moreover, this charming port town is a maritime treasure known for its many cafes, art galleries, and live music events. Fremantle is peaceful and slow-paced. However, its proximity to the bustling city of Perth enables you to experience and enjoy the best of both worlds.

5. Swan River Cruise

A fantastic way to make the most of your Western Australia vacation package is a Swan River sightseeing cruise. Among the most well-known is the Perth-Fermantle cruise. During the trip, you’ll see some of Perth’s most stunning tourist attractions; the Bell Tower, Kings Park, and luxurious homes, to name a few. Also, the Swan River offers a scenic backdrop for outdoor sports. You can go fishing, swim with loved ones, or just paddle the tranquil waters.

Experience Western Australia with Vacation Packages From Canada

Western Australia offers unique experiences you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. As such, it’s an opportunity for growth as well as recreation! So if you’re ready for a trip you’ll never forget, contact us today to experience your Western Australia vacation!