Top 5 Reasons You’ll Want to Travel on The Ghan

Published: October 10, 2019.
Written by: Lori - Destination Specialist, Vancouver

Have you ever wanted to take a journey on a train? Train travel is a unique experience but travelling on The Ghan in Australia is epic. Why?

1. Historic

The Ghan is a true part of history. This train was named for the pioneering cameleers and their camels who took part in exploring and mapping out central Australia. The first trip this locomotive took was from Adelaide to Alice Springs in 1929. The construction of The Ghan plays an important role in history because it highlights the change in transportation method from camel to train.

Be part of history and come aboard The Ghan.

2. The Food

Take yourself on not only a historic journey but a culinary one. Most train food is mediocre at best, but The Ghan is known for its food. If you love supporting locally grown foods, get your ticket on The Ghan where all produce is regionally sourced. You can experience full table service with a talented chef that cooks up dishes such as a chicken salad with authentic desert lime and mouth-watering curries you just can’t wait to dive into. Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? Enjoy a yummy ice cream on board, all while relaxing in the charming and cozy dining room.

3. Journey

A true journey, experience the beauty of Australia as if you were in a slow-motion movie, enjoying every moment of this once in a lifetime experience. You will hear the traditional click of the metal tracks as the train travels through the heart of Australia. You will see gorgeous waterways, vast spaces of open land, many plants, and wildlife beyond your wildest imagination. There is nothing quite like a ride on The Ghan.

4. Atmosphere

The atmosphere on The Ghan is one of comfort with plush chairs and colours that complement each other, allowing you to feel truly relaxed. You can have your privacy by closing the curtains or keep them open for amazing scenic views. No matter what your age is, you are sure to feel a sense of vacation riding the rails on The Ghan.

5. Stories

Are you a storyteller? Perhaps you just like listening to others tell tales from their adventures. The Ghan is certainly a place for stories. It is often filled with travellers that have seen a vast majority of the world. You can delight in their company while gathering ideas for your next trip. The passengers will likely be open to hearing what you have to say about your adventures thus far. This experience is a truly welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel at home for several days. The Ghan will have you wanting to return again and again.

Spark your imagination and hop aboard a train unlike any other.

Written By: Lori (Destination Specialist)