Why the Cook Islands Makes the Perfect Winter Long Stay

Published: December 11, 2019.
Written by: Jane - Destination Specialist, Vancouver

Are you looking for your next destination to get away from the cold Canadian winters? Book your spot on a plane headed to the Cook Islands where you can enjoy a long, warm stay in a tropical climate any time during the year. Heading here in the winter will give you that much needed sun-filled extended vacation. Here are some of the reasons the Cook Islands are perfect for a long stay.

Largely Undiscovered

Much of nature’s beauty gets tramped down by humans over the years as many people walk along the same paths. This is untrue of the Cook Islands where you can find undiscovered islands mostly untouched by human feet. Make your own path in this mesmerizing land but be sure to tread carefully, leaving the natural beauty behind.

Since not many visitors make their way through the Cook Islands, you can see wildlife and plants that would otherwise have been destroyed over time or replaced by humans. Try snorkelling on the breathtaking island of Atiu where you will discover a variety of colourful water species. Hungry for some fresh island flavours? The Cook Islands has a mass amount of native tropical fruits and vegetables growing here, part of what makes these islands so amazing.

Truly Authentic

Travelling to a foreign place is about experiencing the authenticity of a new destination. The Cook Islands is full of authenticity as it steers clear of name brand products and is not being overpowered by commercialization. You can live like a true islander while on your vacation in the Cook Islands. Enjoy eating what the locals eat. Take a bite out of nature with the tropical flavours of taro and coconut grown out of the lush soil from once active volcanoes.

You can dance and sing the night away at an island culture show filled with local inhabitants. The native people of the Cook Islands might even take your hand and guide you through the secret parts of the island that only they know of.


Visiting big islands is usually costly but not in the Cook Islands where you can go to Rarotonga, the largest of the islands, and travel quite affordably.

You can spend hours meandering down the many beautiful beaches filled with eye-popping white sand. Listen to the waves crashing as you let your mind and body fully relax. Two of the must-see beaches in Rarotonga are Aroa Beach with its open, clear waters and Titkaveka Beach with its many reef creatures.

Rent a scooter on one of the Cook Islands and you will be happy to know your day scooting around did not cost very much at all. What better way to see what all the islands have to offer than feeling the warm breeze blowing across your face on a scooter built for one, or two depending on your preference. Take the whole family out on an adventure with a group of scooters. Don’t forget to stop and soak up the views before zipping past some of Cook Islands’ amazing waterways.

Make beautiful memories during your time visiting the Cook Islands. After your vacation, your heart and soul will be warmed up from the unique moments you have been a part of.


Written by: Jane (Destination Specialist)