We were invited to a wedding in Australia in early March and approached Jason in October about a plan to include New Zealand in this trip. He came up with a very appealing month long excursion for us. We then realized that we had an opportunity to travel with another couple who were also going to the wedding. The four of us decided to expand our New Zealand portion of the trip and also to revise the locations we wanted to visit so we advised Jason that we needed to throw out the whole itinerary. He cheerfully agreed and came up with another very appealing game plan that addressed our new timeline and expectations. In discussions with yet another couple who were also going to the wedding, we decided to enlarge our group to six so, back to Jason. We didn’t change the dates involved in our itinerary this time but adding two more people didn’t seem to be a problem for Jason.

A couple of days before we left home, a major cyclone hit the north island of New Zealand which was devastating for the locals and it also necessitated some major changes to our itinerary. He was able to find us all very acceptable accommodation in places that we were not originally going and in spite of the fact that many displaced locals were also in need of lodging AND there was a major multi day Maori haka event going on.

Jason’s ability to adapt to the changes imposed on him first by us and then by Mother Nature without ever showing any signs of getting fazed or frustrated was incredible. His attention to detail in meeting the needs of our rental vehicles and the quality of accommodations he got for us under challenging circumstances and the various attractions he lined us up with was very much appreciated. Our next trip will start with a call to Jason Webb