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Arguably, the country’s Maya temples are a must-experience; travellers enjoy exploring the “El Castillo”, the country’s very stunning, and largest, pyramid at 130 feet above the plaza, the incredible Archaeological Reserve at Lamanai Maya temples, where you can learn about its 3,000 year occupation prior to European contact, or sailing on a quick boat ride across the Corozal Bay to Cerros, where you can discover the the first Maya trading center, Cerro Maya built in 50 B.C.

With caving, visitors can hike through various protected caves and hidden regions to uncover some of the country’s archeological artefacts like intact pottery and human remains, which include intact skeletons.  Some of these sites are still currently being excavated today!  One of the best caving systems in the country is The Rio Frio Cave for its abundance of natural wonders with its many natural fresh-water pools, waterfalls and stalactite formations. The Mayflower Bocawina National Park, with an enormous 7,087 acres of preserved low and highlands, is another must-explore for its aesthetically pleasing landscapes that travellers enjoy hiking through – the ancient Maya sites as well as the region’s many stunning natural waterfalls.

Bird watching is a great draw for visitors as Belize has over 500 species of avifauna.  There are many excursions that offer birding; however, the feathered residents can be spotted while on other tours like zip-lining, cruising, a horseback riding tour or on a trekking tour through a forest reserve.

Perhaps Belize is best known for it’s unspoiled barrier reef – the second longest in the world – and the Great Blue Hole for access to many dive sites.   The spectacular marine environment is also home to 200 islands (cayes) such as the much-enjoyed Caye Caulkner or Ambergris Caye.

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One of the safest destinations in Central America, Belize is also the destination for the adventurer seeking to truly traverse off the beaten path too!  From caving to kayaking, fishing, diving, exploring ancient Mayan temples and ancient archaeological sites, winter longstay getaways, Belize offers plenty of special experiences for every type of traveller.

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