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With a diverse academic background and a journey that spans continents, I bring a unique perspective to the role of Accountant at Downunder Travel. My education took me from Asia to Moncton, where I pursued financial management studies.

Later, I earned a diploma in I.T. solutions from a community college and embarked on a brief but impactful career as a programmer. Along the way, I found myself at the intersection of finance and tourism as a budget car rental reservation agent. Finally, my path led me to Calgary in 2013, where I joined the Downunder Travel family!

Expertise and Skills:

  • A strong foundation in financial management and accounting.
  • Proficient in I.T. solutions and programming, bringing a unique skill set to financial management.
  • Experience in the tourism industry, offering insights into the financial aspects of travel.
  • Dedication to maintaining financial accuracy and integrity.

Experience & Personal Travel:

My time in academia and my professional roles has been an adventure. My experience as a budget car rental reservation agent allowed me to touch the edges of the tourism industry. Meanwhile, my personal travels have taken me to fascinating destinations like Australia, Singapore, and Beijing.

Most Unforgettable Travel Experience:

It was an amazing experience that I travelled to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary from the southbank in Brisbane. I took the Brisbane river cruise. On the way to the island, many mansions or tiny houses were in the shades of Jacaranda trees’ purple blossoms. With gentle spring wind I am fascinated by the scenery… There were many wildfires in the sanctuary, of course, Furry little Koalas were the cutest!

Personal Mission:

As an Accountant at Downunder Travel, my mission is to ensure the organization's financial health so that travelers can focus on enjoying their vacation. I bring a unique blend of financial expertise and a touch of adventure to my role, fostering a financial environment that supports our clients.


For all your financial inquiries or to discuss how we can make your travel dreams a reality, reach out to me at
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