Australia Travel Tips, Visa Requirements & Health Info You Need to Know

Published: August 9, 2022.
Written by: Jason - Destination Specialist, Calgary

Australia has long been a popular travel destination for Canadians. And it’s not hard to see why; the land down under offers year-round warmth and sunshine, which makes it an international escape from the unforgiving Canadian winters. But more than that, Australia is a place of leisure and recreation; surfing, food, wine, wildlife, and more all create a unique experience that you’ll be hard-pressed to reproduce in the Great White North. 

For these reasons, we here at Downunder Travel have created Australia vacation packages for those looking to travel to Australia from Canada. But before you break out your suntan lotion and UV shades, there are a few things to consider. Keep reading to learn helpful travel tips, visa requirements, and health information to make the most of your Australia vacation. 

Travel Suggestions

Regardless of your travel destination, useful suggestions can go a long way in helping you streamline the trip. This fact is especially true when you’re travelling halfway around the world, as in the case of a trip to Australia from Canada. 

Packing Essentials

Australia is 14,143km from Canada. A country that far away from your own will be very different. For this reason, you’ll require some packing essentials.

  • Season-appropriate clothing: It’s no surprise that Australia is hot. And coming from Canada, you may be shocked by the kind of searing heat that the land down under experiences. So ensure that you bring the proper clothing for the trip: sandals, sunglasses, white sun-reflecting t-shirts and shorts, etc.
  • Universal adapter: Whether it’s a smartphone or laptop, iPad, or any other technology, we all have devices we want to remain functional wherever we go. This gadget allows your devices to charge and work in other countries (including but not limited to Australia).
  • Remedy for Jetlag: Australia is 15 hours ahead of Canada. Travelling such distances and crossing timezones can throw your sleep patterns off, resulting in jetlag. To counter this, consult your doctor about possible jetlag remedies such as melatonin. 

Australian Geography 

As you prepare for your vacation, it’s crucial to know that Australia is nestled in the southern hemisphere (they don’t call it the land down under for nothing). This geological fact means the seasons in Australia are opposite to those in Canada. For example, in Australia, winter goes from June to August, spring is from September to November, summer is from December to February, and autumn runs from March through May. 

Australia’s northern states bathe in a temperate climate for most of the year, while the southern states undergo colder winters. Therefore, it’s suggested that you bring light and casual clothing when traversing the northern states and during summertime when visiting the south. 

Visa Requirements

As the only trustworthy and internationally accepted identification certificate, your passport ensures your right to return to Canada. However, international travel can become complex and, at times, may require different types of documentation. Proper preparation is the key to creating a streamlined experience, so ensure you familiarize yourself with the required documents, where to receive them, and which ones will help make your trip effortless. 

Be sure that you:

  • Bring your passport for every trip outside of Canada.
  • Ensure your passport is valid.
  • Check your passport’s expiration (it should be valid six months before your entry date).
  • Examine your passport and email a copy to yourself 
  • Keep a copy with a friend or family member not travelling with you.
  • Never leave it unattended with your belongings, hotel, vehicle, etc.

Health Information

Before the pandemic, 2019 saw about 1.46 billion people travel worldwide. And now that things are returning to normal, so is the massive influx of people travelling – which means your exposure during international travel comes with the potential of various health risks. So as an International traveller, you should be extra vigilant about health and safety. 

Vaccination Status

On February 21, 2022, Australia reopened its borders to fully vaccinated international travellers. So as a Canadian travelling to Australia, you must present proof of vaccination against Covid-19 upon arrival. Moreover, it’s important to remember that these travel requirements are fluid and subject to change at any time.

Physical and Mental Health 

Before travelling to Australia from Canada, consider your physical and mental condition. For example, do you have the proper vaccinations? Is your condition suitable for international travel? Etc. 


Some over-the-counter medications in Canada may not be easily accessible in Australia. For this reason, ensure that you bring enough for your trip. Also, certain prescription medications may be illegal in Australia. So ask your doctor for a letter or a copy of your prescription stating:

  • Its intended use
  • The quantity you need to consume
  • What kind of medication it is 

Are You Ready for Your Australian Vacation?

Once everything is set, you are ready for your vacation to sunny Australia! At Downunder Travel, we want to ensure this experience is one you’ll cherish forever. So we offer Australian getaway packages with sights, adventures, and experiences you’ll never forget. Contact us today to learn more.