Embracing Canadian Spirit Down Under: Celebrating Canada Day While Travelling in Australia

Published: June 30, 2023.
Written by: Jason - Destination Specialist, Calgary

Canada Day celebrated on July 1st, is a joyous occasion for Canadians worldwide to unite and honour their homeland. If you find yourself looking to travel to Australia during this special day, fear not!

You can still celebrate being Canadian while immersing yourself in the beauty and wonders of the Land Down Under. In this article, we’ll explore some fantastic places in Australia to consider when booking a vacation package that will allow you to experience the best the country offers while commemorating your Canadian heritage!

Canadian Adventure Activities

Australia offers many thrilling adventure activities, and you can infuse your Canadian spirit into such activities as kayaking or rafting in stunning locations like the Great Barrier Reef or the Daintree Rainforest, where water activities abound.

Alternatively, try your hand at ice skating at one of Australia’s ice rinks, bringing a taste of Canadian winter sports to the Aussie shores!

Canadian Film Festivals

If you’re in Australia’s major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, check local event listings for Canadian film festivals or screenings around Canada Day. Enjoy a day at the cinema, watching acclaimed Canadian movies showcasing Canada’s diversity and cultural richness.

Canadian-Inspired Wine Tasting

Australia is renowned for its exquisite wineries, and what better way to toast Canada Day than with a wine-tasting experience? Many wineries across Australia offer tastings of their world-class wines, so make sure you make time to visit them when booking your vacation package to Australia!

Choose a winery that offers a diverse range of red and white wines, and organize a private tasting session with a Canadian twist. Pair your wines with Canadian cheeses, such as cheddar or gouda, and discuss Canadian and Australian winemaking traditions.

Maple Leaf Down Under!

Although you may be far from home, celebrating Canada Day while travelling in Australia is a wonderful way to stay connected to your Canadian roots. Downunder Travel has been providing the best vacation packages to Canadians for over 20 years, covering over 180 experiences across Australia whether you’re looking to explore:

  • Queenslan
  • New South Wales
  • Victori
  • South Australia
  • Northern Territory
  • Western Australia and more.

So grab your maple leaf flag, pack your favourite Canadian apparel, and prepare for an unforgettable Canada Day celebration in the Land Down Under. Contact us today to get started!