Important Information on Covid-19

Published: March 16, 2020.
Written by: Jason - Destination Specialist, Calgary.

To our valued travellers:


First and foremost, our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this unprecedented event.  With all the developments happening over the last few days on the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), this understandably has raised many questions when it comes to planning travel and for those returning home from travel abroad.  It is an extremely difficult time for our industry and we are all very busy helping our clients rearrange holiday itineraries in light of new travel restrictions.  We understand this is a challenging time for all involved and we are working diligently to provide our travellers and their travelling companions as much information as possible as it becomes available.  We are here working for you.


Downunder Travel remains operational and open to our travellers at the regular scheduled business times, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, we request your patience in getting through to us and with our possible longer than expected response time. Our operations will continue to be reviewed in line with expert advice on COVID-19 by Public Health Agency of Canada and The World Health Organization.  At Downunder Travel, the health and safety of our staff, travellers and surrounding community is, and always has been, our top priority.


Downunder Travel would like to share some information on our services regarding cancellations and vacation changes:



Please contact your Destination Specialist in writing if you’re looking to cancel or change your vacation and accept/understand the possible losses. Our Terms: In addition to any of our supplier cancellation penalties, Downunder Travel Ltd. has a cancellation fee of C$200 per person, for cancellations.  We have a change penalty for all tickets being rebooked and reissued, C$75 per person, per ticket reissue. Further to Downunder Travel Ltd. Cancellation Penalties, all supplier cancellation penalties imposed on Downunder Travel Ltd. will be passed on to our clients. *please see our full terms and conditions


For our passengers departing over the next couple of weeks, we highly recommend postponing your travel arrangements.  You do not need to pin point a new departure date at this time.  Your Destination Specialist will be able to walk you through your options.  Unlike outright cancellations, for most cases, postponing your imminent travel may incur some cancellation penalties.


We cannot promise or guarantee that any insurance will pay travelers back in full; we can only assist with the claims process.  Any claims do not have to be processed the same day, changes/cancellations can be processed once we have all final details and info.


While the Canadian Government states non-essential travel is recommended, travellers can absolutely still travel under this Travel Advisory if they so choose to do so.  We recommend you read the travel advisories from the Canadian Government and the Advisories from the countries you are traveling to, and then make a conclusion regarding changes or cancellations to your travel arrangements.


We recognize that many of you taking the time to read this will be curious as to why we are charging these fees during such difficult times.  In answer to this, these are our normal policies around cancellations and changes which are considered extremely lenient in our industry.  After we have processed all these cancellation and interruptions we will be working with all our clients with their claims through their respective insurance companies to help them be reimbursed for all penalties from airlines, hotels, tour companies and of course our fees.  We have worked tirelessly over the last 16 years building our company, and we continue to work even harder for our clients in need during this very difficult time.  Like any business, we need to keep paying our staff and other expenses to keep in business.  It is very important that we keep our standard policies in place at this time to ensure we are able to continue servicing all our clients in need.  We trust our clients understand our position.


We are determined to continue to be available and offer our support to all travellers. We are grateful for your patience in these uncertain times, and thank you.

Downunder Travel Management



For emergency after hour contacts:-


Vancouver –

Calgary –

Toronto –


Please include:-

  • Your First and Last Name
  • The Name of your Destination Specialist
  • Your questions/concerns


As you can understand this is an extremely trying time for all concerned. We will reply to you at our absolute earliest.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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