4 Essentials of a North Island New Zealand Adventure

Published: October 31, 2019.
Written by: Jason - Destination Specialist, Calgary

There are so many reasons to visit New Zealand’s North Island and here are some essentials that you don’t want to miss.

1. Shopping

Who doesn’t love to shop? Go ahead, spend some of your hard-earned dollars in some of the world’s best boutiques and malls; you deserve it, after all, it’s your vacation. Take home that beautiful designer dress from New Zealand’s very own fashion label NOM*d or pick out a souvenir for your family back home from Simply New Zealand with stores located throughout the country, one being in Auckland. Auckland is the best spot with the largest selection of shops in all of New Zealand.

If it’s a food you are looking to purchase, try one of the local North Island markets where fresh fish and fruits await. Maybe you want something a little bit quirky? Try a sweet treat like chocolate fish, a chocolate bar in the shape of a fish and filled with gooey marshmallow.

2. Delectable Food

Are you hungry? You are in the right place as New Zealand has some of the best food in the world. Taste your way through Wellington, the capital city and culinary capital of New Zealand. No matter what your cultural food favourites are, there is sure to be something for you to chow down on during your trip to Wellington.

Dive into the wine scene too, pairing it with some of the most delectable flavours you have tasted. New Zealand’s North Island is also known for its many wineries so whether it’s a wine tour you are looking for or just a toast to a great day, you can find it along with the Northern point of the country.

3. Maori Cultural Shows

Rotorua holds the heart of New Zealand Maori culture. Here, you can find some of the best Maori performances. What is a Maori cultural show? Originated from Polynesian culture, Maori performances express the traditions of the native people through music and dance. The majority of the population on the North Island in New Zealand are from Maori descent.

If you have a love for architecture, you might want to visit the many houses and meeting places in Rotorua. These structures are beautifully carved and hold much history and tradition within them. Take a walk along one of the many gorgeous pathways through Maori to experience its true natural beauty.

History comes alive in Rotorua, a spiritual part of New Zealand. You can feel the beating heart of tradition everywhere you venture within this town.

4. Exquisite Beaches

New Zealand’s North Island beaches have beautifully clear waters and are set amongst light, fluffy sand. Visiting a North Island beach will make you feel as if you have walked into a dream. Take a long stroll along any of the many beaches or drive along the coast to enjoy the fresh air and the expansive views. You are sure to snap a postcard-worthy photo to bring back home.

After all, New Zealand is a beach country.

Why would you miss your chance of visiting the North Islands of New Zealand? Savour the Northern part of New Zealand when you have the chance and you will be sure to return home with exquisite memories. Ask one of the travel specialists at Downunder Travel for more details about travelling in New Zealand’s north side.