Things You MUST DO in Sydney

From the city’s award-winning restaurants, stunning coastlines, public gardens, sun-drenched and unspoilt beaches and incredible opera performances, Sydney will forever be a box to be ticked on the itineraries of many Canadian travellers when planning a visit to Australia.  There are a variety of experiences you can enjoy in this stunning harbour city and below […]

Is it better To Cruise or Hire a Private Yacht in Tahiti?

Many travellers enjoy visiting French Polynesia for its myriad of aquatic activities.  While guests enjoy luxury cruising where everything, from meals to some excursions, is included, yachting provides a type of privacy and exclusivity – you have a private chef on board! – taking the definition of luxury to a whole new level.   Why […]

5 Ways to Experience French Polynesia the Non-Aquatic Route

Though French Polynesia is known for its beautiful blue lagoons and aquatic activities, there is so much more to be uncovered on these charming South Pacific islands. 1. Visiting the Black Pearl Farm Polynesia is known for its black pearls. These rare gems are uniquely created by the black-lipped oyster and are one of the […]

Authentic Tahiti Experience - Bora Bora

How to Experience Bora Bora the Authentic Way

French Polynesia is a paradise escape consisting of a group of islands often referred to as “Tahiti”. Each island expresses its own unique cultural heritage. Bora Bora, in particular, is known as the romantic island and, with its crystal blue waters, is a beautiful spot for scuba diving. But Bora Bora is not just about […]

2 Activities You Must Do While Visiting Papeete

Are you a foodie? Do you love walking around a new destination to find awe-inspiring art? Papeete should be next on your list of places to travel. Where is Papeete? You will find this capital city located in French Polynesia, on the island of Tahiti, rich in history and filled with local artisans. Papeete means […]

Dunedin, New Zealand

Fantastic South Island, New Zealand Adventures!

You know New Zealand’s South Island is right for you when you find yourself with endless things to see and do. The activities in New Zealand include golfing to fly fishing, hiking, cruising and so much more. Plus, the South Island has some of the most natural landscapes in the Southern hemisphere. I had the […]

All-Inclusive – Why You Need to Book A Pacific Island Experience

A Pacific Island adventure awaits you. Are you the type of traveller who likes getting a great deal? Are you tired of the typical “all-inclusive” Caribbean stays with loud parties, mediocre food and cheap booze? Inclusive resorts in the Pacific Islands were made for you Downunder Travel can book you an inclusive vacation which will […]

Why Kangaroo Island Needs to be Added to Your Itinerary

Why Kangaroo Island Needs to be Added to Your Itinerary Hop on a Sealink Ferry from Adelaide and step onto the relaxing shores of one of South Australia’s famed Islands: Kangaroo Island. Known as ‘nature’s playground’, wildlife is abound alongside clear waters, friendly cafes and pubs as well as stunning coastal accommodations where the soothing […]

5 Beaches in Taiwan

The island of Taiwan may be small, but there are many beaches and aquatic regions like lakes and waterfalls to discover and enjoy a little coastal getaway.  Here are some of my picks: Baishawan Beach – The half-moon shaped beach at Taiwan’s northeast cost is a great place to enjoy various aquatic activities like surfing!  Other than […]