5 Ways to Experience French Polynesia the Non-Aquatic Route

Though French Polynesia is known for its beautiful blue lagoons and aquatic activities, there is so much more to be uncovered on these charming South Pacific islands. 1. Visiting the Black Pearl Farm Polynesia is known for its black pearls. These rare gems are uniquely created by the black-lipped oyster and are one of the […]

Why Kangaroo Island Needs to be Added to Your Itinerary

Why Kangaroo Island Needs to be Added to Your Itinerary Hop on a Sealink Ferry from Adelaide and step onto the relaxing shores of one of South Australia’s famed Islands: Kangaroo Island. Known as ‘nature’s playground’, wildlife is abound alongside clear waters, friendly cafes and pubs as well as stunning coastal accommodations where the soothing […]

5 Top Travel Items Travellers Often Forget!

You’ve just landed in your dream destination – one you’ve been planning for months – and as soon as you get to your hotel you realize you’ve forgotten a few key items that could be essential to enjoying your time abroad.  Here are some of the most-forgotten items I’ve come across… and some possible tips […]

2019 Must-Have Travel Apps!

It’s more than just Instagram and Uber, apps we use when we’re travelling need to help us out when we’re in the planning stages of our vacation, right through to decisions about certain attractions that are within our vicinity on a free-day during our vacation. If you’re travelling all the way to Australia, Fiji or […]

Islands You Must Visit… in the Cook Islands

With a pristine beauty that rivals the more famous South Pacific islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora, the 15 islands that comprise the Cook Islands offer not only sparkling white-sand beaches to remote-beach seeking travellers, but the islands offer this untouched, unspolied old world charm. More accessible than you might think, award-winning Air New Zealand […]