Tahiti – What Makes it The Ideal Foodie Destination?

Published: February 27, 2020.
Written by: Melissa - National Marketing Manager, Toronto

The smells, the tastes, the experience of food…you can’t wait to take a foodie trip of a lifetime but where do you go to savour authentic culinary delights? Tahiti is a food lover’s dream whether you are looking for subtle flavours or something to spice up your taste buds.

Taha’a, Vanilla Island

What is Vanilla Island? A tranquil flower-shaped island, Taha’a offers beautiful white sand beaches with the aroma of fresh vanilla filling the air. Nearly 80% of Tahitian vanilla beans are grown in this captivating tropical paradise

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Like the name, you can taste the true flavours of vanilla by itself or in a dish. Tahitian vanilla is fresh and aromatic making it the ideal ingredient to add to food. It is called vanilla tahitensis and grows from the fruit of an orchid. You will taste the difference of this special vanilla that is sought after by many food enthusiasts worldwide. Just imagine the freshest flavours from this native ingredient in your desserts and fresh seafood offerings. There is no better way to taste authenticity during your travels than by experiencing true traditional delights. Don’t forget to bring home some vanilla beans as gifts to your culinary friends and family.

Les Roulottes

Have you ever wondered where food trucks originated? Many would say that they’re from Papeete, Tahiti! Roulottes means caravans or as we know them now, food trucks. When you take a trip here you can really delve into what it means to eat from a food truck. A rainbow of food trucks line Vaiete Square and come alive every night. Become part of an open-air extravaganza by sampling something from each vendor. You will find funky tablecloths set up on numerous tables and chairs are waiting for you to take a seat and bite into some of the most amazing food you have ever tasted.

What is your favourite cuisine? Find it at Les Roulottes where you can get French or Asian flavours to dance in your mouth. Try a seafood specialty, ‘Ota ‘ika, raw fish in citrus and coconut milk. Yum! Tantalize your palate with authentic Polynesian dishes and eat like the locals from a variety of products fresh from the waters. Be sure to sample the Poisson cru, the national dish of Tahiti, which consists of raw fish and diced vegetables soaked in coconut milk.

Don’t forget to top off your meal with a traditional dessert from one of the caravans. What are Polynesian desserts like? One such sweet is Firi Firi, a donught in the shape of a stick or sometimes formed into the number ‘8’ and covered in coconut. Another Tahitian dessert is a Poe, a sweet pudding made of taro root flavoured with banana, vanilla and drizzled with copious amounts of coconut-milk sauce on top. Are there any more, please?

Canoe Breakfast

Wake up and munch on a delicious American breakfast as you take in the gorgeous turquoise lagoon from your villa’s deck. A canoe breakfast is just as it sounds and truly one of the most romantic breakfasts you can have. Your food is served to you by Tahitians from a traditional outrigger canoe. Do you want to experience the canoe first hand? You’ll be happy to know you can enjoy your food and even hop onto the canoe to explore it. What a great way to wake up!

Are you ready to take a bite out of Tahiti? You will have many foodie stories to share when you return home.